Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Spring Getaway Tote Bag | Photos

April 23, 2015
It took only two days to get my First Look email Spring Getaway Tote Bag delivered and I wanted to share some pictures of it.
The Tote bag color is an off white, tea stained color.  I put it on a white background so you can see the contrast.
The collection of items included in the bag were sealed on a cardboard base, and not loose in a clear bag.
Here is a nice close up of the canvas and the vegan leather straps.  Not too bad.

It's a nice sized tote too.

The bottom of the tote has the vegan leather as well.


Here is the price tag from the inside of the bag.

Here is the inside pocket of the lined tote.

And here is what the side pocket looks like...perfect to carry a water bottle and more!

Overall, it's a nice tote this time.
This should be coming out pre-Mother's Day in stores, possibly May 6th or 7th and online any day now.  I purchased four of the lilac blossom candles; hob nail and purple glass to meet my $40 requirement.
And I did have to pay $5.99 shipping for it as the #firstlook email did not include free shipping.  I don't think any totes I purchased on line ever offered free shipping.  I may get a second tote when they come in stores if they are offered after the initial launch for just the price with no additional purchase.
I am not sure why they are using Beautiful Day as the scents in all of the free gift offers and buckets lately... maybe its not selling too well???  I can't wear it myself and I can only gift so much but I am not sure I will exchange that out.  The stores are pretty good about exchanging out a scent you don't like so that may be an option for those who aren't happy with what comes in the bag.  
For 9 items and a tote for $20.00 it is a pretty good deal.
And with Mother's Day just around the corner this is a great gift idea that mom could use all summer long.

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