Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Purchases and Freebies | Michelle V-Neck Tee

April 23, 2015
While everyone else was going crazy at Target this week trying to order online or waiting in long lines for the release of the  #LillyforTarget  Lilly Pulitzer limited edition goods, I was online on grabbing a new summer tee shirt and getting a few things for free.
Because everything got a bit crazy, Lilly was offering a free mystery item to those who shopped online that day.
And because I stopped at first, I found a code that was to give me a free coin purse too!
I am not sure why, but my free mystery coin purse turned out to be a luggage tag.  Still awesome.
And my free gift for shopping online during the chaos, was this Lilly Pulitzer Lip Balm REVO in a delish Strawberry (I think) flavor.

As for my purchase, this photo doesn't do it justice.  The first thing I noticed when I pulled my new Michele V-Neck tee out of the pink floral envelope was that it was so soft.  So Well made with a quality feel to it, the Shorley Blue Hippy Hippy Shake pattern is going to be perfect with white shorts his summer. I did like that the site helped guide me to purchase a size that will work for me, even with numerous washings.  Ordering online is more challenging when you can't try an item on.  No one likes shrinkage of their favorite clothes and anytime there is cotton involved you can hope it doesn't but expect it to. This turned out to be perfect.  I even got a WOW from hubby when I tried it on.
Add in free shipping, with a two day delivery from start to finish and my Lilly day purchase was great.  How was yours??

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