Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Southern Sweet Signature Fragrance Four | Thoughts

April 1, 2015
I notice as I get older my tastes seem to be changing.  When I was younger, my collection of fragrances was small.  At the time, there were certain scents that all the girls wore..." loves baby soft", Jovan Musk...  yes, I know I am dating myself....and most who read me have no idea of these scents.
At the was the norm. All the girls smelled the same. 
I tried to wear a lot of them, Lord knows I did, and my bodies chemistry disagreed with most.  So I picked out a few others that didn't turn bad on me and they were my signature scents...if a kid in high school had a signature scent.
Years later and enter Bath and Body Works and almost every month I found I can get a different named scent to try.  Sometimes they are slight tweeks of older scents, sometimes just renames, and occasionally they are different enough to be thought of as new.
Last years Rome Honeysuckle and Capri Citrus were two that definitely worked on me and I was thrilled to have something new...that didn't give me a headache...and didn't smell like everyone else.
And with every month that passes, there is always another fragrance to try...themed with the time of year it comes out.
Coming up in the next week or two B&BW is releasing four new scents in their applicably named:
Southern Sweet Collection.
Signature Fragrances
Bourbon Strawberry and Vanilla
Bourbon Vanilla, Garden Strawberry, Apricot Nectar,
Pink Jasmine, White Oak
Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea
Georgia Peach, Sweet Tea, White Nectarine,
Apple Blossom, Jasmine Petals
Sweet Magnolia and Clementine
Sweet Magnolia, Fresh Clementine, Blooming
Gardenia, Spring Sandalwood, Golden Honey
Sheer Cotton and Lemonade
Crisp Cotton, Sparkling Lemonade, Wild Gardenia,
Mandarin Blossom, Clean Musk
Having had the opportunity to try a bit of each of these (not the ffm) I thought I would write out a brief review.
Keep in mind, again...we all "wear" scent differently and what I may like or not like today, I may love tomorrow.  And how I perceive scent may differ greatly from anyone else.  I recommend that everyone visit the store when these release and try every scent on to see how they reveal themselves to you.
I found all of these "light" in scent.  Which is a good thing in a way.  Spring is trying her best to finally get springing... and you really don't want a "heavy" fragrance now when winter jackets are coming off and we are wearing less. 
I tried the Sheer Cotton and Lemonade first and to me its a redo of Cotton Blossom...lightened...and a bit creamier.  I cannot....ugh...wear cotton blossom...but I own 7 or 8 bottles of it because I love the scent of it sprayed in my closets on coats and linens.  Just not on me.  So this sheer cotton scent is a lighter version, to me.  I am not getting any lemon anything.
And I like it...I just don't love it.
The Bourbon Strawberry and Vanilla is another interesting combination. It's not a super sweet strawberry fragrance as I thought it would be.  The "bourbon" or what ever is in there changes it a bit.  It too was okay.
Sweet Magnolia and Clementine was more floral to me that citrus like.  Perhaps the fragrance mist will wear differently...I am not sure.  Another...okay.
And Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea was very nice on.  Fresh Peach like as if you just bit into one...and it did have me wanting to smell it again.  I did like this. 
Now I didn't do a complete ritual to experience the shower aspect of these scents or the Fine Fragrance Mist.  I know from past experience that a lot of the lotions start to smell the same...and there are slight differences when you use a lotion or body cream and then use the mist -as the layers of notes adjust to you. 
So for now, these are all okay...nothing that I need to stockpile my cabinets with. 
When these release April 13th I would love to know what your fragrance favorites were and what your thoughts were on the entire line.
Happy Scenting!

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