Saturday, April 25, 2015

My life steps...fingers to keys...

April 25, 2015
I know this will come as a shock to you but I am a talker.
{ smiley face}
I think I was always this way...and for some time I found that I had always had the need to share.  Before blogging my words of wisdom I hand wrote journals of things in my day to day life, both good and hard...  For me, it was always a way to get the words out of my head and to move on to the next, new whatever.
When computers became the thing, my writings became a silly sort of way to share my silly day stuff with others who also had the need to get stuff out.  I wrote on yahoo360 sharing tidbits and socializing in the groups they had then.  When Yahoo360 was changing, I moved to Multiply where I continued to document my day at a time.
Then my tragedy happened...and I used my writings as a crutch to work  through my heartbreak.
Day in and day out I shared everything.  I remember nights here at my desk in the dark just typing out the horrors of the day....with no concern for grammar or spelling...just anguish...and pain and tears.  Lots of tears.
A friend of mine who is an editor by trade, read me daily then, and was one of the supporters I leaned on during that time.  Later when I started rereading what I had written I was shocked to see just how badly I butchered the English language.  He laughed when we discussed my discovery and told me how often he wanted to just correct a few things...but knew it was me, at that time.
Raw. And unedited.
Multiply changed from a blogging format to sales  and I had to once again, import my jottings or lose them. When they were imported into BlogSpot, for some reason they got out of order.
So for some time now, I am transferring them one at a time, all order.  I of course, do read them again, as I correct some of the misspellings and tonight as the sun is close to setting, I find myself laughing at the events of the days I am up to.
There are those days when the pain of loss is truly evident and crushing...but thankfully there are also days of light.
  It is interesting to reread my life steps over the past few years reminding me of things I had well as those things I wish I could. But they are valued life lessons of a sort I suppose.  Some of the things that make me, Me.
And as I was doing more tonight, I wondered if there are others who keep a journal of sorts of their it pen to paper or fingers to keys.  And why do you do it...

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