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Bath & Body Works | Reward Program Idea

April 4, 2015
Let me begin by saying I know of no Reward Program currently being thought of or initiated at Bath and Body Works.
 This is just simply an idea I have had for a long time I am sure others have had as well, and I just thought I would jot down a few of my thoughts.
Everyone who knows me or reads me knows I have a small addiction to the Bubbles and the Wax.  I mean come on, how could I not?  They surely make it easy with their colored plastic rubber hand sanitizer covers in various themes and critters with matching stickered bottles that we all pay 1.00 for an ounce....
 I am drawn into this sudsy web of scented fun....who isn't?
And the more I go, the more I learn. 
As a customer, I would go a wee bit...and leave, thrilled to have that one bounceback coupon...(not even knowing what it was called)  thrilled to have it to save a few dollars the next time.
And for some time I didn't realize I could break up my orders to save if I had a few of those coupons.
  Survey Coupons were another life line of savings I also learned quick how to use. The more I save, the more I will spend.
As a blogger, I honed my listening skills as well as visual skills to find out all I could by just the small talk made with other customers as well as workers.  I watched the patterns of deliveries and keep a book of notes, and coupons to help me make the best of the littlest of information because I am no where near a test store.
So I watch...the return process and the exchange process.  I know about the counter at the door that helps the conversion of people to sales to hours and I remind my hubby not to stand there or come in and out a lot. :)
And often I am reminded while digging in my handbag looking for cash to pay, seeing my OTHER stores frequent shopper card (meant to track ALL about me) and thought what if the B had one.
Not that I am looking for anything for free mind you.  I am grateful for ALL that we get as consumers from this company already. I don't think I am entitled at all with an expectation for anything.  I am just surprised that there hasn't been a Frequent Shoppers Card from them yet.
Today I was doing routine things here in my office and got bored so I thought I would jot down a few ideas I had for it.
Yes, yes I know, no one wants more little cards to carry or swipe do dads jingling off of their keys.  Nor do they want a company to know too much about them.  Sadly, though, they already do.
Every time we shop and add our phone number and email address it tags us to what have we purchased.
It sends the information of where we live...(home phone) to generate those coupons in the mail for every floor set and our email gives us those offers.
A lot of times emails are based demographically and what I may get may not be what the west coast store shoppers get.  We see that a lot at the holidays.
So, why not share that in which we share... and make some aspects for us easier.
I would love a card that:
1. you get in a store and you register it online. (if you can). I know not all consumers have computers...something I hear in my stores.  In that case maybe a phone call can be made to add the information.
2. you put in your name, address, and birthdate. If you plan to use it for returns and exchanges, maybe an id number.
The stores have access to our credit card info, if you didn't have a receipt they can now look up your transaction with the swipe of your card.
3. if your making a purchase, you can swipe the card...and it knows who you information needed at the end of the sale.
4. if your making an exchange or return, again, swipe the FS card and it knows who you are and even when you made the purchase. 
I know that would put an end to the whole... I don't have my receipt exchanging mess. And make us all accountable for our actions.
5. year to date spending would be interesting to see....(or not).
6. And some kind of reward benefit like free shipping on website purchases would be great.
Having a card would slow down some of the freebie over do's we see on social media. One per customer would be one, per customer.
 You know what I mean.  A free FFM with any purchase coupon and someone posts a picture of 30 of them with 30 fifty cent PB holders next to them. 
And if you have noticed lately,  B&BW is getting away from the Printed coupon in the emails it would seem.  Now its a barcode you show at the store to be swiped or a code for online. 
Like  said, I haven't heard anything about any Frequent Shoppers anything coming or being thought of.  It was something that crossed my mind so I wrote it out. 
So let's continue the conversation about this on my Facebook page and let me hear what your thoughts are on it.
As always, thanks for stopping by.

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