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Bath & Body Works | Southern Sweet Hand Soap Collection | Review | Spring 2015

April 3, 2014
Here are the upcoming Hand Soaps from the Southern Sweet Collection at Bath & Body Works coming out April 13th.  These are available in both Gentle Foaming and Deep Cleansing.  I prefer the deep cleansing formulation so that is what I purchased.
Two Great things from the South: Watermelon and Lemonade
Welcome to the beautiful South and enjoy a tall glass of watermelon lemonade.  Cool off with a refreshing spritzer of watermelon and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons.
For me, this hand soap was a must have.  I really enjoy the candle in this scent and so far the pocketbac hand sanitizer and this soap is not a disappointment.  You get the scent of the watermelon and the sour of the lemon. All joined together perfectly. With a matching nourishing hand cream also coming out, hand care never smelled so good!
Sit for a spell and enjoy a cool drink on the veranda
Welcome to the beautiful South and enjoy a Mint Julep afternoon.  Savor a fresh batch of lime, sugarcane and fresh cucumber
Another delicious scent you will love and will not resist buying. A crisp, fresh scent, the lime is sweet but not over done.  I don't smell the cucumber myself...just a clean fragrance. 
Nothings sweeter than a Georgia Peach
Welcome to the beautiful South and enjoy deliciously sweet Georgia Peaches.  Experience a juicy peach with hints of orange blossom and honeysuckle nectar.
On cold sniff all I smell is a juicy ripe peach, you know that scent after you take your first bite?  Sweet yet citrus. I don't smell any floral notes at all.  This is a perfect peach scented hand soap!
A decadent salute to the flavors of New Orleans
Welcome to the South and enjoy a taste of New Orleans. Indulge in a decadent dessert of golden butterscotch and whipped vanilla bourbon cream
 I don't drink, so I have no idea what Bourbon smells like.  What I do know is butterscotch and vanilla and this scent is yummy times ten.  It is creamy and you can smell the sweet, richness of the  butterscotch and vanilla cream blended together. This, for me is a definite stock up on scent.  And I love that packaging...perfect for birthday gifts! it doesn't go on the hips!
This addictive dessert is a sweet southern tradition
Welcome to the beautiful South and enjoy a true southern treat. Delight in a heavenly recipe of lemon, powdered sugar and whipped cream.
 Love, Love, Love this!  For me this is a definite creamy lemon treat.  Another I would put in a gift bag.
 Flowers bloom bigger in the South
Welcome to the beautiful South and enjoy a fragrant bouquet.  Breathe in magnolia petals blended with sweet mimosa and creamy sandalwood.
The sandalwood softens the strong floral notes of the magnolia, which makes this a very unusual and lovely fragrance.  I find myself opening the bottle over and over again to smell it.  Love this!
Having bunches....okay....really a lot of Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps, I know I don't need another one.  But every month another collection comes out and I go to the store hoping I won't love them....and I do end up coming home with a few new scents.  When I read what the names were going to be for this new collection I thought I wouldn't be getting all of them...maybe just a few.
All six are winners.  And don't forget there are matching hand creams and pocketbacs too!

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