Friday, April 24, 2015

First Look: Bath & Body Works | Tahitian Island Dream Email

April 24, 2015
Early this morning I stumbled upon the new First Looks for the upcoming Tahiti Island Dream new signature fragrance coming from Bath and Body Works next month pre email...and of course I had to share.
And why not?  Those pictures were so pretty even for another coconut scented fragrance. I love the choice of packaging colors.
By 12:46 pm the official First Look email was out and here is what it looked like:
Here are the notes for the new Tahiti Island Dream
Fresh Coconut Water, Sparkling Mandarin, Kiwi Blossom, Lush Fragipani and Tahitian Vanilla Musk
I think what I am excited about the most was the sneak peek at the new shower gels and BAR soaps coming, I would guess in the next floor set. Or maybe for June...but I think the little anchors by the logo could indicate this set.
Regardless of the Forms that Signature Fragrances come out in, the one thing I really gravitate to purchasing mostly is the shower gels.  Even if it is a scent you cannot wear, you can use them as hand soap too. I find I grab more shower gels for my free items than lotions or body creams. Hence my huge collection.
Shower gels make great gifts;  add in a set of towels, loofah, shower scrubbie or any other fun bath time item and the person receiving them can try a scent to see if they love it without commitment  to a fragrance.
This bright and colorful grouping will look great in a beach themed grass basket....loaded with white fluffy bath towels and toss in a seashell accent for a perfect guest room welcome. 
Staying with someone over the summer?  A nice thank go along with that bottle of wine your bringing.
Here is the list of scents:
Coconut Lime Verbena
Creamy Almond & Sunflower
Fresh Water Waves & Sandalwood
Iced Tangerine Mojito
Ocean Melon and Mango
Pink Hibiscus & Pomegranate
Summer Rain & Linen
As soon as I see these out or the bars of soap, I will share those photos too.
Tahiti Island Dream should be launching in stores May 11th and possibly sooner online.
Don't Let the scent notes deter you from trying it, most stores have a try me lotion on the counter now to see for yourself this little taste of Island Dreaming.

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