Sunday, April 5, 2015

Villagers and Torches

April 5, 2015
I was tired last night after a busy day of my Spring cleaning out the closets (an oh what fun that isn't ) so I called it a day early and went to watch tv with my hubby for date night. We watched a few tv shows and I was ready to sleep. 
 My usual routine is to check my email, my facebook and then instagram and go to sleep.  Most nights, there isn't anything in need of my attention.  Some nights I try to catch up on answering questions I get about things I may have posted earlier....just using my phone.  I am busy all day and I do miss questions, so I try to clean up the day.
Last night, two people decided to poke the bear.
And maybe it is just me that people feel the need to share their complaints and commentary with ...because I don't see anyone else commenting on the few others who blog Bath and Body Works pages....telling them to stop sharing. Granted, most don't share as much as I do...but still.
Before I let it go. I took it and kept quiet.  Rule no.1 of blogging....ignore the haters.
And I did...for a time.  But not any more.  You come for me, ...bring a helmet.
So now I get to share my thoughts about all of that.
For those who feel they have the need to school me....scold me... complain to me about anything I share on my...MY Pages I take care of and/or pay for....  for all of you....  take a hike. I am not out to hurt anyone, not a company or those like me who love the products and want to know as much as they can about them
 And trust me...for the mood I am in, that is the nicest way to put what I really think.
If you don't like seeing the new items coming out that I share...Don't look. Don't visit my social media pages, don't "like" them so you get notifications...of what I post.  Go visit another page.
 Don't try to hide behind the premise of BLAMING me for sharing things early and the company is going to change things....trying to rally others to join in (like last night) and start up a revolt against me.
 I have news for you...the majority of people will not back you up. 
THEY want the news.  THEY want to get excited and see what they are going to be buying in the store in a few weeks.  THEY want to plan their money saving accordingly to participate like everyone else.
While I don't work for the company in any way, shape or form, nor am I affiliated with this company...don't think they don't contact me.  I am read. 
Now granted...I am not a fool, I know exactly what information comes from where.  I know all about the in store booklet to help train employees on the ways they can guide us to the perfect sale.  Guess what, we don't care about all of that...we just want to see what is coming.
And if I get the chance to see and share I do my best to not include too much information from that.   Some, are not so careful and they just watermark and share it all to stay relevant.  And that is on them, and how they run their social media places.  And Some are even.....gasp...employees....
Employees who think because they share in private groups no one else will see.  Everyone is sharing everything - everywhere.
As what happened at the holidays when the daily deal sales paperwork photo was leaked.  It wasn't a blogger who did was a WORKER. On instagram and it went viral.
Now I don't know if the two who commented last night are workers or not....nor do I really care.
Those comments could have been sent to me privately if they were SOOOO concerned about B&BW they wanted to make a point, again...villagers and torches thinking. Publically.
I also know the store talk about not letting information out....and I get it. I am far from stupid.  But if you want us in...don't rely solely on emails.  Word of mouth is far better. It excites us and makes us want the hundreds of products to come.
I remember a saying in college...regarding business.  If you treat me well, I will tell a few friends and family....and if you treat me poorly... I will tell EVERYONE.
But if I go in to make a purchase...YOU WORKERS want my push and pull me showing me all of the things you want sold to get my money....Your sales techniques. 
Pushing signature items....sell, sell.....and when I am done, you toss in a coupon that has next months new signature item on it (big secrets revealed) ...and maybe follow up with a comment of what is on sale the next day....
And I am not suppose to share that with family and friends???
When the workers are going through shipment and checking it out at cash wrap am I suppose to put on blinders and not ask?  Because your store doesn't need mine...or other B&BW fans money right?
Better you like having a job there and working and making money?  Money that is a result of sales from customers coming into the store....looking for something they may have found on social media?   Hours for you more than two a month because sales are low.
If the store tells you as a worker not to open your mouth to the customers as to what is coming....then don't. 
But as a worker coming onto social media places don't think you need to school me as to what I do when in fact you have NO idea where I get my information from.
I spend a great deal of money at that store....and a great deal of time on doing this simple bit of writing. I always felt it builds a community of fans who love sharing what they found in their little corner of the world...while seeing what I found in mine.
This company has made it a point to be on all forms of social media to get the word out ....they want our business..... and in this economic time of struggle, these bubbles and wax finds are luxuries for most. We, as their consumers willingly walk through the doorway to treat ourselves to just a bit of luxury for ourselves.  Candle holders priced at $59.50 that sell out are an example of just how far we will go for that.
So rather than trying to ridicule someone who takes the time to share with everyone so they don miss out on something a Mother's Day Tote that is coming...probably in a week....
I would be happy that there are people willing to pay that $60. to get it...and keep any discord to yourself.

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