Monday, April 6, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Southern Sweet Collection | Nourishing Hand Cream | Hand Soap and Sanitizers

April 6, 2015
Today I picked up the new Bath and Body Works Nourishing Hand Creams (2oz)  in the Southern Sweet Collection of scents.  They didn't get in the Bourbon Buttercream yet for me to review so when it arrives I will add it to this post. Here is  post of my thoughts on the Handsoaps.
Here are the five I did get, coupled with the Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizers. I really like the packaging on all of the products.
Watermelon Lemonade:
Need I say more.  What started out as an awesome home fragrance has made its way to body care and it is as wonderful if not better.  When you first put it on you get the imitation watermelon scent but its changed by the lemonade to blend perfectly.  As I was sitting here typing my body heat made it more subtle.  I definitely recommend trying this...I purchased two and I am glad I did.

Savannah Mint Julep:
I love the freshness of this scent in all of the forms it is available in.  I do like lime so if you do as well, this is a keeper.  Even if you think you may not like it...give it a try in store and let it sink in a bit and then smell. 

Magnolias and Mimosas:
Floral and pretty on.  I do like this as well as I like the others and would rebuy another.

Southern Lemon Chiffon:
Delicious lemon treat scent on the skin.  Not like a kitchen lemon fragrance, I do get a hint of a creamy dessert note on my hands. I do like this one and recommend that you try it on your hands or wrist before passing it up.  In the tube the scent isn't as nice.

Georgia Peach:
Another fragrance you need to try out to smell how good the peach scent is. The hand cream is a bit subtle but definitely worth buying.  Trying to smell it in the tube does not do it any justice.

As always, take a chance and smell each for yourself and on your hands, not just out of the bottle or tube. Scent is a very personal thing and I would not want anyone to miss out on something nice because of my review.  These are all winners for me, I hope that you find them enjoyable too!

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