Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Scent-wise

For months we have been seeing trademark names popping up all the while wondering what will fit in where throughout the year.  

Back in January I blogged about a few of the names that we knew about then, and as we are moving forward more information is showing up on blogs and videos and in stores.

This week there were more things posted.  Should this come to fruition it would be pretty cool.  But anything BBW is always subject to change as we all know.  They tell us bloggers they don't want the information out there too early worried about the competition yet somewhere, always comes out...thanks to DM's, and photos.  Time will tell but this year seems to be very busy scent-wise.

I will plug this new information in with what I posted before and what has happened so far.


  • Escape to Paradise (rio rumberry, aruba coconut, and bali mango)
  • paradise candles 
  • spring scented candles
  • eucalyptus mint test candles
  • Lakeside test candles
  • Italian test candles

  • Sweetheart Collection (daisy dream girl, berry flirt, honey sweethearts)
  • possible fresh picked full release here or march (some stores start previews)
  • fresh picked candles released
  • Forever Red re-release
  • True blue spa re-release mango
  • True blue spa raspberry products

  • Fresh Picked items (anti-bac soap and pocketbac-
  • Simple Fresh Good #93 line (lotion and body wash-)
  • Full Fresh Picked line
  • Wild Garden re-release {wild peach poppy (new) - wild citrus sunflower - wild berry tulips}
  • Beautiful Day preview try me
  • White Citrus for men
  • Aromatherapy- Eucalyptus Tea
  • True blue spa honeydew kiwi
  • Destination test line candles

  • Italian body care line including lip gloss
Rome Honeysuckle Amore
Venice Dolce Berry
Capri Seaside Citrus

  • Italian home products {candles and hand soaps}

Italian (hand soap):
  • Sicilian Lemon
  • Citrus Fig
  • Bella Flora
  • Mandarin Blossom
  • Italian Lavender
  • Tuscany Vineyard
  • Sparkling Limoncello (16 oz. Decanter- only)

  • Beautiful Day

  • Tropical Scent hand soaps
Beach Flower
Island Bamboo
Ocean Pearl
Coral Reef

  • Signature Malibu?
  • Lakeside candle line
  • Signature Malibu

  • SAS
  • Summer Lovin' Signature Line:  {Sugar Berry Smash, Melon Mango Twist, and Plum Lily Swirl}

Sugar Berry Smash: Blackberry, Cranberry, and Clementine.
Melon Mango Twist: Mango, Pineapple, Apple and Nectarine.
Plum Lily Swirl: Guava Nectar, Raspberry, Lily of the Valley and Green Apple.

  • Fresh, Sexy, Cool lip gloss- Bronze Berry, Cool Coconut, and Island Daiquiri.
  • Hydraglass - matte gloss with a light vanilla flavor.
  • Dazzlelicious... Shimmer and Cake neutral pink, and Wine and Shine is a wine berry color with a berry flavor

  • Summer Chill Signature Line: { Coconut Water Chill, Citrus Orchid Chill, and White Mango Chill} with lip gloss
  • Pure Paradise

  • Signature Dreaming of Paris?
  • dream girls?
  • Halloween items??
  • Firelight?
  • Fall test candles?
  • Fall Signature Traditions line?
  • Christmas 2013 holiday test candles?
  • Signature Cashmere Spice for men (september or october like last years cashmere glow)?
  • Midnight men/women fragrance {Hers: Caramel liqueur wrapped in sultry vanilla orchid and intoxicating cream de cassis.. His: Caramel liqueur layered with essential oils and blackberry bourbon}
  • Holiday Traditions Line
  • White amber woods and amber blush?
  • SAS
moonlight darling
starlet blossom
sweetheart kiss  ---(I thought these 3 could be a end of the year signature line like the 3 cheers were but I wonder if they could be planned for the midnight scent release--maybe even as lipgloss)

Previous years releases--

1.16  tropical carnival -{aruba coconut, bali mango, rio rumberry}
2.6    pink chiffon
3.5    fresh picked
4.2    americas favorites
5.18  American Boardwalk candles,  Malibu Heat   Wild Garden {wild berry tulip, wild apple daffodil, wild citrus sunflower}
6.12  SAS
7.9    love love love
8.3    from paris with love- {paris nights, sweet on paris, paris in bloom}
9.5    autumn  fall market
10.28  cashmere glow
11.4    forever red
11.19  black Friday  Sparkling Blackberry Woods   Flawless Gold
11.27   holiday 3  Dark Amber
12.10  holiday 4   Paris for men
12.24  SAS-  three cheers line {strawberry sparkler, vanilla-tini, jingle belini}

2.7 carried away
2.25 jcb
3.18 fresh picked
4.15 country chic
5.9 into the wild
5.23 coconuts
6.9 SAS
7.4 citrus
7.22 summer treats
8.12 paris
10.3 charmed life / holiday 1
10.31 merry mistletoe/ holiday 2
11.21 be enchanted/ holiday 3
12.13 jcb. holiday 4