Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Candles and sales

While looking at the online page and finding the market peach candle with bag (this weekends giveaway) I couldn't help but notice up above the picture

HOME > Brand > $5.00 4oz candles

So, hmm.  We are all expecting a 2 for $22.00 candle sale to pop up sometime soon......and we are all guessing it will be this weekend when there is an event planned......which is a good assumption.....
but I wonder if it is going to be a 4oz candle sale?

Again, I have no hard information yet regarding the candle sales coming....yet.....sorry...so please don't quote  me on the FB fan page as saying so....or get upset if we don't end up having the sale you prefer.  Occasionally I see someone write "hey BBW I have an idea,"  after I posted some idea I had and posted it in my blog  or say "they saw on my blog that this is on sale....or I said that...."  only to have others ridicule me...of course while still coming to my blog for a read.  ;)  

I am just like everyone else and have my ways to find out little tidbits of info....I have two contacts in cs, I talk to the staff and managers in my stores and other stores....I talk with other fans, I read the FB pages of other fans, I watch the awesome videos of BBW fans.....and put it all together here....for everyone to see what's going on in my corner of the world and perhaps theirs.  And all of my "hey this is coming on sale"  have been right.....

If patterns are any indication, we should get a candle sale...for this event....
 But what kind?  I am still checking that out.