Friday, March 8, 2013

Candle Sales

I did ask at the stores today, a few of them including the test stores, about the 3 wicks going on sale this weekend.   All said they did not hear that they would.....and the test stores said they thought not because they just were on sale and it ended last week.

That being said, I would not believe that to be true until we see for sure on Presidents Day in our own stores as they may have them on sale. 

There are a few I want to grab, such as the new Pear scent...
...but I would bet there will be one for the release of the Fresh Picked so we may not have long to wait.

I am hoping they do a special promo on those preserve jar candles, my second and third burn on that Pineapple Mango I bought was fantastic and the scent was wonderful with a good throw. 

I also heard there are preserve jars soaps coming so I can't wait to see those designs.....

I bet, now that I think of it, they will be like the bigger bottles of soaps we had for fall.....the non antibac pricey ones.    I really liked those.....