Friday, March 8, 2013

Trademarks and speculations

Typically they usually have a signature coconuts, and a signature vanillas  so I wonder if they will again this year for summertime.....

They did a citrus trio as well so I wonder if they will show up again.......too.

They are bringing back one of last years trio of Wild Garden scents (wild berry tulips) and adding another Wild Peach Poppy.....(the dead trademarked page has a wild peach daffodil  and the wild citrus sunflower on it--so I bet the peach one was canned for last year when the apple one came out instead) 

They brought two new mens scents last year (paris for men and dark amber) and we lost two to online only (oak and citron)  so I wonder with white citrus coming out for men, will there be another leaving at junes SAS and what will the other leaving be.????

Regarding Malibu and this summertime, there are two new malibus listed: smooth and radiance.  Last year smooth was listed as a hair product and then it became a dead TM, and now it's back as a body care product...... so it could end up being the new Malibu signature name....either are cute names for that product.

The august release of a Paris themed could be Dreaming of Paris.....with dream girls being a play on that.....

The cashmere spice could be a mens scent to match the womens cashmere glow for a fall release

These could end up being the after Christmas, heading into new years eve trio (like the 3 cheers line were)
  • moonlight darling
  • starlet blossom
  • sweetheart kiss

  • Firelight perplexes me......but I am thinking fall something....

    White amber woods and amber blush........make me think fall.....

    Pure paradise could end up being a group name..... like the sweehearts ended up it could encompass a coconut or vanilla grouping.

    12 midnight could end up being a group name as well.  Perhaps for the MD, SB and SK?

    I can't wait to see what these names turn out to well as what is in store for us for the rest of the year.  Is is too early to start requesting Christmas time candle names.....  :)


    Of the trademarks active
    • pure paradise
    • 12 midnight

    • white amber woods
    • amber blush
    • cashmere spice

    • firelight

    • beautiful day (2013)
    • delicious day

    • Malibu smooth
    • Malibu radiance

    • moonlight darling
    • starlet blossom
    • sweetheart kiss

    • dreaming of paris
    • dream girls
    • paris is sweet

    • aruba coconut
    • rio rumberry

    • forever red (2012)
    • sparkling blackberry woods (2012)
    • frosted snowberry (2012)
    • flawless 24k (2012)
    • dark amber (2012)
    • cashmere glow (2012)

    • sweet cinnamon pumpkin (2012)
    • dreamy vanilla woods (2012)
    • honey autumn apple (2012)
    • cozy autumn vanilla
    • warm apple harvest

    • sweet on paris (2012)
    • paris at night (2012)
    • paris in bloom (2012)
    • from paris with love --logo (2012)

    • Malibu heat (2012)

    • wild apple daffodil (2012)
    • wild berry tulips (2012)

    • signature citrus
    • rays of citrus

    • peach citrus (2011)
    • apple blossom citrus (2011)
    • pomegranate citrus (2011)

    • paris amour (2011)
    • country chic (2011)
    • charmed life (2011)
    • Fiji passion fruit (2011)
    • carried away (2011)
    • into the wild (2011)
    • be enchanted (2011)

    • secret wonderland (2010)
    • snow kissed berry (2010)
    • dark kiss (2010)
    • forever sunshine (2010)
    • orange sapphire (2010)
    • p.s. I love you (2010)

    • rain kissed
    • warm vanilla sugar
    • twilight woods (2009)
    • Japanese cherry blossom (2006)


    • hot summer crush{FRESH MANGO}
    • hot summer gossip{luscious starfruit}
    • hot summer vibe{mandarin nectar}
    • (2009 tm'd for body care)

    Bath and Body Works
    2010 released as a lip line


    • winter white fresh
    • winter white floral
    • winter white cool
    2009 released
    The Winter White Citrus are the lime color-coded bottles that blend citrus mint, iced pear sorbet and blonde woods.
    The Winter White Floral line is unmistakable in bright pink and blends pink lotus petal, velvet lilies and white amber.
    The Winter White Cool has white jasmine, frozen violet and cashmere woods.
    The Winter White Frost is a blend of white nectarine, fresh bergamot and iced amber.