Monday, March 11, 2013

Test Stores and Survey Coupon usage

Yesterday while trying to use a survey to place a candle order in a test store I was informed that they will no longer accept those coupons on phone orders.  I don't know if it happened to anyone else but I was pretty much surprised to find out that while I know all coupon usage during checkout must be surrendered during the visit and that it is a policy---there will be no more waiving of said policy.

Well, that just saved me tons of money.

I called customer service this morning to inquire about this change and found out that it has been their policy for some time regarding all coupons and most stores will no longer accept any coupons that cannot be surrendered. She said some stores may have been not following that policy but now they will be complying.

My question is this.....Just how many people in these test store areas are going to be buying the candles enough to gauge what a popular candle scent is going to be to release it?  Anyone who pays attention knows as soon as "test scent" candle info gets out on the web, those stores phones are red hot ringing off of the hook with customers from all over the states anxious to buy them.  And we are so anxious because we can use our Coupons and Surveys.

That survey lets just about every one in three candles purchased come to us for free.  And who doesn't like free....right?

I understand the policy, because I understand people.... mostly.  Some I may never understand...but I get why they want that survey in hand.  I do the surveys, for my visits so they know what I think about any particular sales I made. And currently I have over 150 surveys.   When it got out on Facebook that the SA's don't even put in those 5 numbers that we write after the surveys end, people just started adding any numbers....and spoke about doing that on FB too.

Perhaps they slit their own throats.  Perhaps they slit all of our throats.

With racks and racks of candles at the ready, I certainly don't need anymore currently.  It is nice to have a few extras of those that are current favorites but truth be told it wasn't necessary for me to order any.  Come July and August when the next big test candle wave hits for Fall scents.... we shall see what Bath & Body Works does regarding sales and phone order coupons.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Survey says......we take them!