Monday, March 11, 2013


I just wanted to share another link with you in case you didn't know it was out there.

One of the features of BlogSpot is that it allows us bloggers track where our readership is coming from.....everything from what kind of device you read me on to the area of the country....and other countries that you live.  It also tracks what outside sources reference this blog so I know whenever my title or link was mentioned and by whom.

I saw in the beginning, that Bloglovin was tracking me so I checked them out and found it to be a pretty neat site.

Here I can add my favorite blog sites by name to a list and give them my email address and every time there is a new posting from my list of bloggers,  I can get their writings sent directly to me complete with the day they posted it, time of day it was originally posted as well as all of the comments that were added.

We don't always have time to check the blogs that we follow daily so this makes sure we have a copy of their writings tucked neatly in our email for whenever we get a moment. 

When you pick a site to follow, bloglovin' shows you other sites you may also like....which is how I got a huge list of favorite blogs to follow now.

I know a lot of my readers have already added my site to their emails but here is another way to Love...Blogs.