Friday, March 22, 2013

Test Scent Candles (woods) and Pure Paradise ~ New LBD info - 3.22.13


-Oak Moss & Vetiver - A luxurious blend of oak moss, vetiver and lavender.

-Sage & Cedar - An exotic and rich blend of sage, cedar and rare tonka bean.

-Sandalwood Citrus - Discover a new take on citrus in a blend of grapefruit, lemon peel and sandalwood wrapped in warm musk.

-White Water Birch - A fresh, clean blend of marine water, woods and just a bit of citrus.

Now, there is no confirmed marketing as of yet because this collection is still trickling into test stores! So far, there are 4 scents. There will be up to 6 this time around! Stay tuned for more!


This is a new scent that will release with "Malibu Heat!" The scheduled release date is mid-May!
"Pure Paradise" has notes of coral Mediterranean flowers and drenched white amber! Sounds interesting, but I am not thrilled!

This is a small little haul! I did NO DAMAGE at the outlet and my "Beautiful Day" order came in! Am I thrilled? NO! Review coming soon! Check it out!