Friday, March 8, 2013

Wallflowers and other new

On a quick trip up to the mall for banking I stopped in the BBW to see what is new out for tomorrows event.

I did see they have the new pink butterfly wallflower; a medium sided butterfly with its wings expanded and transparent...and it looked almost as if it was torqued on the holder....  not straight.

I saw the new bird on a branch wallflower which is the exact same coloring as last Christmas' wallflower Pear.  On this one, the bird is the light cream pearlized color and the branch is the taupe color.  Very pretty.

I didn't pick them up yet deciding to get then as my purchase tomorrow should I go to the event.

There is a new round hobnail glass jar  to hold the 4 oz candles, also pretty as it matches the mini candle holder and the large 3 wick holder.  It was priced at $6.50 so it too may be coming home with me tomorrow.

I didn't bother taking pictures, I will tomorrow if I purchase anything but I wanted to make mention in case someone was looking forward to getting any of these items that I wrote about a few blogs back under the new catalog items.  This stores manager told me I was lucky to get my three rooster wallflowers when I did as the stores only got the one box in of 6 and everyone is coming in looking for them and they are sold out.