Saturday, March 9, 2013

Market Fresh Peach candle event 3.9.13

I thought for sure my store would be jam packed with shoppers when I arrived a bit after the 1 pm start time of todays free 4oz candle giveaway but surprisingly I found it pretty bare. 

The candles were placed inside of their muslin bags all lined up in rows on the registers back counter awaiting their new homes, while the sales clerks all decked out in their "fresh picked" attire pumped squirts of assorted scents of Fresh Picked lotions into the little plastic containers. I was hoping for more new items but it was really the same things I already owned .

I chatted with the managers, mentioning all of the newness I had read that was coming and we talked about upcoming trips to Ohio.  Those trips are usually awesome not only for them but for they bring back great info as well as photos. 

I didn't spend too much today, just making two different purchases to use my contest winnings coupons and because I got home fragrances for both, the clerk gave me two market peach candles.  I never take more than one gift, even with hubby in tow but I did purchase things for a friend of ours we spent time with prior to the event and since she was unable to attend, I will send her the extra gift.

I got 3 of the mini candles in pink sangria to scatter among my dining table Easter bunnies, and I used my coupon and got the free body wash in the mens white citrus and a free candle.  I bought the wallflower bird on a branch  (in the glass) and two of the hobnail 4oz candle jar holders and got a free peach poppies wash with a coupon and a free candle.  Those little pots in front (which almost look like oil paint pots) are the assorted lotions they were giving away.  A very clever gift I thought. 

So that was todays my neck of the woods.