Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tomorrow- Monday March 4th

Tomorrow should have been the scheduled release of Fresh Picked and the sales planned for that release are finally coming.

Tomorrow, the hand soaps should go 5 for $15.00 or 7 for $20.00

The signature items are done with buy 2 get 2 free and will go back to buy three get two free.

The candles sales that I know of should be the little ones 3 for $10.00..... but I had a suspicion that the 3 wicks may sneak out 2 for $22.00 any time now.  Don't quote me on it... but check your stores and online this week in case your wanting some 3 wick action.

The other sales pretty much should be as they always are.....wallflowers and lip glosses and such.

I am anxious for the couple of wallflowers not yet out...the bird on the branch and the pink butterfly.....

Of course the pineapple luminary for 3 wicks...but I think that may be a few weeks out yet....

There is the large knobby jar luminary for 3 wicks out in the stores  currently for $34.50 if you can't wait....

The store Sa's and the managers are all in the dark as far as when things are coming in and coming out...unless they see their daily deliveries sheets......but most say all of the things shown in the current part two spring sales book should be out between now and the beginning of April. 

These next few months seem super busy to me...and hopefully with new....New merchandise....not just repackages or re-releases.  Personally I am looking forward to the Italian line of products coming and then the Fall sneak peeks of candles.....  Summer doesn't thrill me much.

Littleballadeers latest video mentioned that the preserve jars will be getting two additions: lilac blossom and first bloom and there is a 7.5 oz vanilla coconut candle coming out too.

Cia sent me the pictures she snuck during a recent shopping trip to her BBW when she was given a great opportunity to vote for some fall scentportables.  From what I can see they look adorable:

  • 3 martini glasses
  • 4 round ones with bows
  • 4 round
  • 2 foxes
  • 2 fox faces
  • 3 or 4 ladybugs
  • 2 cupcakes
  • 1 peace sign
  • 1 squirrel with acorn
  • 3 owls
  • 4 round
  • 2 different owls
  • 3 owls on a branch on a round holder
  • 3 footballs
  • 3 flowers
I like the idea of sports and hobbies....., I think they would be well received at any time of year....they should have a sports line all year long....baseballs---basketballs---soccer balls--footballs--golf club and ball--tennis racket--cheerleaders on a round one---ballerinas----ballerina slippers---bowling ball with a pin next to it-----

Baby themed would be great too......with a nice baby powder scented refill

I think the cupcakes are great and they should have cupcake scented lines of refills....for all year long....everything from red velvet with cream cheese frosting to chocolate peanut butter....