Friday, November 15, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday Snowmen are a way to my HEART!

November 15, 2013
I don't know how they did it...but some how Bath and Body Works found out the way to my heart is with a SNOWMAN!
And wow did they ever outdo themselves this year with a selection of snow people to please every lover of the fluffy white stuff.
This morning when I checked for the new as I do every morning over tea, I saw one after another of these adorable little snow people.  I did place an order yesterday online for a few things that I checked weren't in my store and I didn't want to miss out on.  I know they will probably show up...{ snow globe wallflower} but if the lighthouse wallflower is any indication of what could happen with the snow globe....the floor will never see them.  I ordered six of those online and I was glad I did because the store got only six and I didn't see any ---and  at the time and back this summer, you could still get them 6/$24.00.  Now we must pay the regular price for each or use free item coupons on them.  That did cut down my purchasing a lot more of them, but I will be sure to get one or two now.  One for me and one for a gift.
I was told yesterday that Velvet Sugar should be making its way to the floor today, so we shall see if that is true and I heard that the next floor set will not be happening on a Sunday but now in the middle of the week, a Wednesday.  Hey, I am all for whenever they want to get this stuff out...I will even volunteer to help set it up. I just love to see NeW!  I want to get my gift baskets made up and the presents under the tree and check all of that off of my to do lists.  But what always happens is I think I am finished and voila, more new adorable hits...and I am rethinking and redoing. 
I am still in the process of decorating, also another task we think we finish and then we remember something packed away and the search begins.  I tell you.... I looked high and lo for my Mercury Glass pedestals from last year and I went through every box....and I did finally find them yesterday. 
In the box marked mercury glass pedestals....oye.
Well, I am going back to folding laundry and then back to decorating the kitchen with more ginger people.  Can you say gingerbread man and mean both....or do the gingerbread women protest?  I'll get back to you on that.  ;)

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