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Spring 2014 ~ test candles ~ some reviews~ SPRING STREET SWEET SHOP line ~ Destination Line

November 30, 2013
My order for some of the Spring 2014 candles came today....which shocked me...
A Saturday Delivery??
I know we aren't done with Christmas/Holiday B&BW yet and we have barely had any snow to remind us of the season we are in...but these scents coming out now makes it fun to get an idea of what is coming in the next few months!
And coming from customer service the candles were not wrapped in the paper but instead stuck in a crate and surrounded with a lot of paper.  They arrived in good condition so no complaints.
The only thing I would mention is the temperatures here are bitter cold and the wax itself was sliding up and down in the glass jar and the marshmallow candle got the worst of it.  Still very usable of course, just messy looking.  If you don't have anyone that can go to a store offering these and get them for you and mailed to you... I would definitely go through CS.  I know I will be ordering again from customer service.
1) candles as we know are currently coming in priced at $22.50
how that will affect sale prices remains to be seen.
2) SPRING STREET SWEET SHOP LINE  candles have galvanized lids with an embellished Bath and Body Works Home logo and trademark sun.  There is also a gingham sticker with brown scalloped edges and the line name.
3) Destination line candle lids are those raised art deco style lids again... Beautiful.
Strawberry Sorbet
A coral pink colored wax, this wax on cold sniff is pretty light....and, hmm, the strawberry is, I 'm not sure.  There is a note to me right from the beginning that has a sharpness to it almost changing the strawberry smell...and that makes me curious to know what this is going to smell like warmed.  I will burn this tomorrow.  The label is again a pink gingham border with art deco trim around a picture of a bowl of scooped sorbet with a strawberry on top.  Again, if my eyes were closed and I smelled this without knowing a name I am not sure I would say strawberry.
Lavender Marshmallow
A light purple colored wax, this is a softer scent on cold sniff that reminds me of a herbal note.  Not overpowering at all, when I first sniffed this one, it immediately reminded me of a Christmas scented candle (not pine and tree Christmas.)  but a lighter version and soon as I remember which I will make note.  Its a beautiful scent, but I am a huge fan of Lavender.  They are using the name marshmallow too, but I am not sure if I would say marshmallow...or is it more of a vanilla lightness I get from it. I am hoping for a strong throw for this one as it is going to be one I will buy again barring any big twists.  Definitely cute enough for an Easter/Spring gift too.  Label has a lavender purple gingham border with the art deco border around numerous soft colored marshmallows.
Pink Bubble Gum
A pink colored wax, this scent for me is sugary sweet to the max on cold sniff, and definitely what you could imagine a big wad of pink watermelon bubblegum to smell like.  it does smell like a vanilla-drowned watermelon version and I will burn this tomorrow to see what its throw and warm scent is like.  I love this colored wax as it reminds me Valentines Day is coming and this would be a cute gift.  The label has a pink and white gingham border and an art deco border around the glass apothecary jar filled with pink balls.

Fleur de Provence--"lavender verbena bouquet"
A creamy white colored wax, this scent on cold sniff made me run for the matches to get it warmed and I was not disappointed for both sniffs.  I love lavender and this candle smelled spot on to that scent to me.  Its herbal throw is just what I smell when I pinch the lavender heads of the flowers I grow.  The first hour burning, the wax pooled perfectly and the wicks burned well.  I never cut my wicks...not in the beginning nor during mid burn and so far so good with this candle. This label is a picture of a French lavender field  surrounded with a white border and a postage cancellation stamp  reminding you it is from the new Destination line.  I will be ordering more of this scent. 
Destination Line (12)

Mad about Madrid--"under the Spanish moon"  black cedar +
Havanna Heat--"sweet tobacco and spice"
Mahalo Maui--"mai tai sunsets"  passionfruit, white flower and musk
Sunny San Tropez--"party spots and private yachts"  maoli flower, vanilla and sandalwood
South Beach Sun-- "coconut beaches and art deco"
Sydney Harbor--"Australian waters"   salt water, eucalyptus and bamboo wood
London Calling-- "tea and lemon"
The Greek isles-- "fresh fig and paradise"
Fleur de Provence--"lavender verbena bouquet"
Electric Toyoko--"iced saki and cherry blossoms"
Bermuda Break--"pink sands and shorts"  peach, jasmine and sandalwood


Spring Street Sweet Shop Line (7)
Watermelon Lemonade
Strawberry Sorbet
Lavender Marshmallow
Pink Bubble Gum
Lemon Drop
Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut
Pineapple Cream Puff
Fresh Picked (7)
Garden Strawberry
Pink Passionfruit
Lemon Cucumber
Polmelo Grapefruit
Sweet Spearmint
Lemon Mint leaf
Wild Berries

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