Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lifes...inside the page Register.....

November 9th, 2013
As we are slowly closing in on the end of the year and my blog is slowly closing in on 600,000 views I want to thank all of my viewers for stopping by and reading me these past six months and I want to remind you that there is so much more yet to come!
We aren't even close to being done with Bath and Body Works Holiday....and then we slip into Spring!
 As you know, I have kept almost all of my blog open for Public viewing~ I am just a girl who loves to write out all of the fun and silly things in my life as a journal. 
And I love that you are all a part of it.
 But I do want to put out a reminder that I do have a few things that I have set for my Registered Users and plan on adding more to it in the upcoming months.
If you haven't registered yet you may want to consider it. :)
Well, it's time to get todays blog to you soon!

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