Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday II new Light up Pocketbac holders

November 1, 2013
My favorite store must have been very busy these last few days I was painting because there was a lot more out since my last visit on Tuesday. Todays purchases were new pocketbacs...and there were a lot of others I didn't buy.  The prices went up a little, now making the light ups $8.50 and $7.50.  The metal holders were priced even higher and I will get a better picture up asap, I think I saw $10.50 for some but they really didn't interest me tonight.  The snow globe PB holder was not out yet, nor were the travel sized holiday body care items since they were on sale today, 3 for $6.00....they couldn't put them out as they aren't called for.
You can see some of the metal holders in this shot as well as some of the jeweled.

A picture of the masks I mentioned a few blogs back.

My online order arrived today as well, just a few new hand soaps and the free Japanese cherry Blossom lotion.  I need to call for a price adjustment since they went on sale the day after  I placed my order.



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