Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Italian themed gift basket idea and shopping at Michaels Craft store

November 26, 2013
I went shopping a bit this weekend looking for jeans for myself and after that discouraging trip through "who actually designs these things" ville....I went to my favorite store to relax....my spa of sorts... Michaels Crafts store. 
With it being days before holiday time officially begins, these stores really want your money and they are pulling out the stops with the sales to get you in~!  And nothing makes me feel better than crafts.  Yes, there, I said it.  Crafts soothe me more than soap. 
Directly in front of the store  outside are metal displays holding tons of assorted themed baskets....everything from Santa pants and stockings to general year round plaid lined and cute for the younger ones glitter sprayed.  All half off.  I seriously thought about loading up a cart full as the prices were very reasonable. 
I am a basket fiend. 
I am not sure what it is...I think a basket reminds me of home, and Home is something I fight for and cherish and I love sharing that thought. 
But I have a bunch of brand new baskets from last years clearance up my attic waiting to be filled with all of the goodies I collected so far that I need to use first. So I passed.  For now ;)
In seeing all of this new B&BW Winter Fresh Picked Market candles and luxe olive oil bottled soap now online, I would so love to do a Italian dinner themed basket as a gift with those inside and fill it up with home made pastas and glass bottled sauces, herbs, cheeses and olives,  long hard bread, and biscotti cookies and a bottle of great wine, all of the things for a meal.  Add in a dvd romantic movie or Andrea Bocelli cd for a finishing touch.
Hmm, that all sounds great right about now...as it's snowing like mad and I am getting hungry. 
Okay, back to what I got.  I bought that cute little deer on sale for under $12 I think, the Charlie Brown burlap tree for $13, (I plan on adding a ball to it)  A few wintery branches 50% off and a door swag for $19.99 on a half off sale.  I make all of my own wreaths and such but pricing out the flowers and greens was triple this....and with my new glass storm door~ the wreath I usually use gets too squished so this swag works perfectly here. ( I did add a long piece of white felt to the back of the swag to prevent the door which is also new, from getting scratched up).
So if your in need of a "spa day", check out your local Michaels to see what will inspire you...and save a few of those baskets for me. ;)


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