Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday: deal of the day bath and Body Works ~ 3 for $6.00 Travel Size gifts

November 24, 2013
Todays deal of the day at Bath and Body Works was the travel sized signature products for $2.00 each. Since they have gone up to 3 for $12.00, I wait for these kinds of sales to get them either for myself or for gifts.  I haven't quite decided who gets what yet gift basket wise as I was busy getting the 27 gift bags ready first....but with this kind of a sale going on...and a mystery discount coupon out can you pass up $1.20 each????
You don't.  :)
So I didn't.  Although the store I was in today was not really nice. This manager needs either to be replaced or sent on a long vacation as she was not having anything her customers were asking.  All she did for the time I was there (and I could not get out of there fast enough) was argue with the customers trying to use their coupons.  Every time they pulled a different one out to use, she made up some reason they couldn't and it wasn't that they coupons weren't valid...she was just being miserable.  And I don't do miserable when I am spending money.  Her and I still need to have a talk but today was not the day....  So I grabbed up I think 27 travel sized items and some clear bags and went on my way.
I did notice in the three other B&BW stores I was in over the weekend that they all have the VIP tote out to drive traffic...and I hear the staff mentioning it to the shoppers.  This store had nothing out and the SA's wandered around not saying anything....which made me wonder if they were doing VIP bags.  They weren't included in the fall bag event. 

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