Saturday, November 2, 2013

Into the Holiday Fray we go...

November 2, 2013
The day started out sunny with just a touch of a fall chill in the air and in no time the clouds moved in and the rains began.  And just as soon as they came...they left and the sky turned blue again and the last bits of color left on the leaves were brilliant once more. 
My day out began with getting my father in law breakfast, a usual weekend ritual.  At 78 he is still living on his own and never asks for much.  The only thing he will call about is changing the batteries in his remote and smoke detector.  :)
Around the corner from him was our next stop... a visit to the graves to remove the All Souls/All Saints candles that were finished burning. Chores done...we were off for Chinese for lunch and the mall.
Chinese checked off of the list, next stop was to Ulta. I needed a larger sharpener for my eye pencils so that was my sole intention on going in.  I did find a cute sampler of nail polishes {priced at $19.99 and there was a 20% off coupon} that I can include in the little gift bags for the girls in my favorite BBW store.  I was told there will be between 18-25 workers in the store this holiday season and I can't just give gifts to a few of the regulars without having something for the others.  I think last year it was 18 gift bags I made up so this time I will do the 25 and see how many are actually there working the day I bring them in.  I usually try to get them to the store for their employee meeting which is coming up soon...when everyone is present and afterward the manager passes them out.  Its not for them to give me information or treat me differently, it is just a little something for them to know I appreciate what they do.
These mini polishes are perfect for stocking stuffers for girlfriends or sisters....a nice way to try a polish or a color with out a big bottle to go to waste if you don't like it. Hubby grabbed one for me too!
The mall was so crowded I almost didn't notice that Sears was already playing Christmas music. And in the center staging area....a few lone reindeer stood with packages in hand waiting for Santa to arrive.  Bath and Body Works in this mall has a very long, but narrow store and it was so crowded I could barely move around in it.  People were loading up shopping bags of the little there was  new that they had out and I just smiled knowing Monday is around the corner should anything more I don't already own will be put out for sale.
Having finished up here we were off to Walmart to get a roast for tomorrows dinner.  As I walked up to the store, I saw one cart after another in the parking lot filled with groceries as well as toys for kids.  I heard hubby remark two steps behind me..." I see that smile", and he was right.  I found myself humming the song I heard in Sears as I walked up and down each chaotic aisle all the while watching parents loading their carts with holiday goodies and clearance Halloween candy.  Apparently I didn't get the shop for kids toys today at Walmart...memo.  :)
I guess it's here.  Halloween is past and the silly season as hubby likes to call upon us. Soon there will be stockings hung by the chimney with care and roof lines glowing from hundreds of mini twinkle lights.  And I will be there.... into the Holiday fray I go.... 
Do you think Santa will notice I'm not a real reindeer?

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