Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gingerbread Holiday Ceramic Houses at Bath and Body Works

November 7, 2013
Bath and Body Works Gingerbread Houses
With todays release online of the newest luminary house at Bath and Body Works, and my filling my kitchen with all of my "treasures" I thought I would post a quick blog of the houses through the years. It's too bad that they didn't keep up the line.
2009 shown in B&BW stores
2009 shown on QVC with two candles included {green and red candies}
2010 shown on QVC and sold out quickly


 shown on QVC during Christmas in July 2010  programming and sold out quickly.  These are filled with a gingerbread candle with three wicks.
 shown in B&BW stores 2011. None offered on QVC . Not quite a gingerbread house.
2012 shown in B&BW stores and later on QVC. { copycat version of 2010 house and not as nice}
2013 shown online and in store B&BW
My current work in progress.  I add snow and twinkle lights.  The new house doesn't seem to match the coloring of the older houses so it may be a pass. 

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