Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday....

November 30, 2013
The stores in my town were still pretty crazy today with shoppers walking from one to another looking for whatever they think they need to put the HO Ho in their holiday. The headline in todays paper read "Bleak Friday"  and it made me actually laugh out loud.  What do you expect?  There are people without jobs, people working minimum wage jobs...taxes going through the roof in my community...add in this health care nonsense now and your surprised that these stores aren't making mega millions?  I'm shocked.  haha
  I didn't have anything in particular I was shopping for even though the stores did fill my email box up with sale information overnight.
I did stop by Hallmark and grabbed a few gifts for others as well as my yearly purchase...the stuffed reindeer to add to my collection.  Assorted sizes and styles, the back of my loveseat near the second tree is where they sit waiting to get their picture taken every year.  And every year when its time for photos, everyone seems to end up there...grabbing one or two while acting silly. 
Hallmark also sent me my coupon for my free snowman ornament for the July premier and October release purchases so I wanted to grab him as well to also add to that collection. 
From there I people watched as I made my way to B&BW.  I could see this store was crowded a bit and filled with new SA's standing guard at the entrance with the VIP tote in hand.  The manager was standing there for a few moments ....I could hear her as I approached... and then she headed to the back room.  Which was fine by me.  Some people are leaders and some need to hang it up and take a vacation.  When the vibe of a store changes so much it is time to look into the reasons behind it.  And the vibe here has changed.  Maybe someone will sage the place and get it back to its happy place.  Anyway...
Apparently, today you could get that VIP bag for the $20.00 price with ANY purchase.  Sort of a slap in the face on B&BW's part I think.  Yesterday I needed a $40.00 purchase and today, because they didn't go over too big or someone ordered way too many...they will let you get one with a fifty cent pocketbac purchase. I did hear a few of the SA's giving people at the registers a hard time at first about the dollar amount, and then an employee whose been there forever came and told each of the girls the correct info.
 I was there at noon and saw no signage for the 3/$6 travel items.  So I asked one of the new girls who was busy talking with her coworkers if they were in fact on sale and she told me she needed to go ask the manager in the back.  A few moments later she came out and told me she would need to see my email and get the code in order for me to get the sale price. Perhaps this manager should make sure her new staff was informed of all of the sales of the day.
The store did have the $5.00 Velvet Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist out and I made my way over to the tester to give it a try.  I find its super sweet.  And like what happens with me often, all of the scents seem to start smelling alike.  Almost as if there is this base scent they use and change out some notes....This was sweet and nothing more than ordinary.  Not that anyone else shouldn't go and try I've said before...all of our chemistries are different and scents are a personal thing that we each need to experience for ourselves.  I do think the packaging is cute, and it reminds me of a Valentines Day theme with its Victorian like netting and hearts...and should I want to try the other items when they finally release I can get them for free with a coupon.  I passed on getting it at this store.
With good reason.
 I'm a kitten.
 I am a devoted shopper to this brand with the big ole box of receipts to show for it.  When information comes out from the company itself that a product is going to release, it is not uncommon that a customer will come to the store and ask to smell it...and see if it's out.  When another store tells you after your purchase to make sure you stop by Friday that Velvet Sugar is coming...I sort of take it to heart that it may very well be coming out.  So when I go to the store to see it... I don't expect a manager to scream....scream at me in frustration in front of other shoppers... that her store heard nothing of the she says...and she doesn't even have the product....and she's going to call the store that told me that and give them hell.  So with her checking someone out, I called the store myself and asked and I was told that it was to come out but was pushed back.  No big deal.  Well, this manager heard me talking and started being upset again asking how is this info getting out and they aren't telling the truth...blah blah...closing off the distance between us.
Again...I am a kitten.  I am a grown woman who does not need anyone venting their frustrations out on me... I have my own.  So when she went to talk with someone who was beginning to work there I left rather that lose my temper.  My husband was shocked I was in the store for under five minutes and asked what happened.  When I told him he simply said...stop shopping there.
I go to the other store the next day....and lo an behold...she DID call....and tried to cause an issue all because I asked if a scent was released? And everyone who works there and knows me told me about the call.
Perhaps there is jealously between the stores, I don't know and frankly I don't care.  Learn your job and you won't be sidelined when the customer asks a simple question you should know the answer to. And don't forget...the customer is always right!  Don't scream at them in any voice higher than a whisper.  And don't scream at me...Because when I have had it....I'm no longer a kitten.
Meow.  Haha.
After lunch I stopped at Michaels where tonight all things Christmas noted in their email went 70 % off...balls and more...Not like I need more balls, I do have plenty....but still wow... great prices.
They also have the Fall Thanksgiving items 70% off and I found some cute Wilton candy making molds...craft foam kits ...and cupcake papers in a few sizes. Check out the racks and be sure to look at everything all the way in the back of the shelf.  Why they put everything from one holiday on one small rolling rack is beyond me. But those goodies could not hide from a shopper....with a mission.
The only small business I patronized today was the Chinese place we eat at.  I hope to do better next time I am out shopping...

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