Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Coastal Cool Candles

May 1, 2014

Today, Bath and Body Works launched online their new line of candles, Coastal Cool, that will hit stores later this month with the new Signature fragrance Endless Weekend. They also timed this release with a 2 for $22.00 sale. And in checking them out this morning I noticed right away a different name on one of the candles.  Which also made me wonder what other changes will we see from what the test stores offered.

January 27th I posted the Coastal Cool candles in a folder in my Facebook photo album {and blog}with information from the store testing the candles and what the list of names was to be according to the sales associates waiting for them to arrive. Here are the pictures and the names:
Stores list of what is coming:

❥beach day
❥coastal sun
 *endless weekend-- summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood
 *ocean driftwood-- iced lavender, bergamot, artic air
❥palm leaves
❥perfect wave
❥sunset beach
❥turquoise waters

When they did arrive in test stores, some of the names were changed:

On the actual candles:
photos shared with me from YouTube (touchthefiretwice)

❥beach day--salt water, lemon leaves and citrus musk
❥coastal sun--vibrant orange, zesty grapefruit and bright California days

 *pacific coast highway-- ocean mists, vetiver woods and pacific breezes

❥palm leaves--green palm, aloe and agave

❥perfect wave-- eucalyptus and sun
❥sunset beach--fruit pops, sugarcane and sun rays
*suntan-- sundrenched flowers , neroli blossoms and driftwood

❥turquoise waters--sea spray, sunlight and beach grass

(Photo credit: youtube touchthefiretwice)


And today, when the candles came out online, I noticed that one of them was changed once more. Gone was Perfect Wave, but the picture stayed and it was named Eucalyptus Mint and Waves.  I am not sure about anyone else but when I think of Endless Weekends and Coastal things...eucalyptus isn't there. :)

❥beach day
❥coastal sun
 *endless weekend
 *eucalyptus mint and wave
 *ocean drift wood
❥palm leaves
❥sunset beach
❥turquoise waters

We never know what the names will be after a test launches and we never know if more are coming into the stores than what launched online....all we can do is keep watching.

I know some are unhappy with the candles coming out without lids, but I am really loving these colored glass jars. I think it's because they don't have lids that make them have that perfect summer feel.  I hope this thinking continues for some fall candles, and we see darker colored glass with embossed lids....

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