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Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale | What's coming back | What's Leaving

May 8, 2014
A few days ago I posted the sign that we have all been waiting for.....
And here is more even BETTER news:
This bounce back coupon picture was shared by Lance Veal on Touch the Fire Twice Facebook Page just now and it shows what we are in store for this June at Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale!!
Huge Thanks to Lance for being kind enough to share with all of us....and Huge thanks for Josh in having a Facebook extension of his YouTube channel.

Here is the information I have for the Semi Annual Sale which will be updated daily as I get more.
New coming for filling in:
Sanitizers pocketbacs
Rainbow Collection
  • strawberry Hibiscus
  • Passionfruit Plum
  • Kiwi Pear
  • Apricot Mango
  • Wildberry Blossom
  • Sunflower Citrus
  • Pomegranate Peony
Animals Collection
  • Zebra Zippy Punch
  • Monkey Swinging Vanilla
  • Hippo Berry

Postcards from Paris Collection
  • Bonjour Poodle
  • I heart Paris
Aromatherapy: 50% off
Available in---
  • Eucalyptus Basil
  • Eucalyptus Tangerine
  • Eucalyptus Tea
Returning for this sale from the Signature Collection 
Priced at $3.00 each
Shower Gel and Body Lotion
  • Dark Kiss
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Forever Sunshine
  • Malibu Heat 

  • Citron for Men
  • Oak for Men
All of these returning Signature Fragrances are online as exclusives
with the exception of Malibu Heat as I don't see it.
Dark Kiss   (Launched September 2010 - out of the store  ?  )
Cherry Blossom   (Launched ?  - out of the store June 2013)
Black Raspberry Vanilla  ( Launched ?  - out of the store June 2012)
Forever Sunshine  (Launched July 2010 - out of the store June 2012)
Malibu Heat  (Launched May 2012 - out of the store  ?   )
Photo: Let's turn up the HEAT! Our summer-favorite Malibu Heat™ is back & ready to transport you to sun & sand — it's the beach in a bottle! 
 Other Scents also Returning
Shower Gel  and Body Lotion
    • citrus orchid chill
    • white mango chill
    • coconut water chill
    • wild apple daffodil
    • wild citrus sunflower
    • wild berry tulips
    • forever red vanilla rum
Returning for this sale from the Home Fragrance Collection: Priced at 50% off each
    • Sun Tan
    • Ice Cream Shop
    • White Sand
    • Summer Boardwalk
    • Salt Water Taffy
      Beach Grass

(notes when they released)
  • Beach Cabana: Relax in the cool shade of the cabana with sweet jasmine, orange blossom and a hint of musk
  • Oceanside: Linger on a long getaway to the ocean with watery greens, cucumber, juicy melon and peony petals
  • Seashore: Experience the feeling of the coast and blue skies overhead with crisp water lotus, bright citrus and a touch of salt water (only available in 14.5oz)
  • Root Beer Float: Drink up sweet root beer poured over pure vanilla ice cream with a touch of nutmeg (only available in 4oz)
  • Sun Tan: Feel the heat of bright sun and warm sand with orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk(only available in 4oz)
  • White Sand: Savor the first long days of summer at the beach with sparkling grapefruit, sandalwood, coconut milk and summer jasmine
  • Ice Cream Shop: Savor the irresistible flavor of delicate almond blossoms, sugar cane, juicy white peach, decadent toffee and creamy vanilla (only available in 14.5oz)
  • Summer Boardwalk: Revisit memories of the best summer spent at the beach with caramel glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples and salted sweet cream
  • Beach Grass: Take a stroll on the dunes at sunrise with a blend of dewy greens, palmetto grass and sweet white freesia
  • Salt Water Taffy: The classic seaside sweet, light fluffy vanilla cream whipped with fresh strawberries and cherries
All Candle Collections will go on sale with the exception of
Coastal Cool and the White Barn Core Fragrances

Coastal Cool scents are: 3 wick and minis
  • coastal sun
  • sunset beach
  • turquoise waters
  • beach day
  • palm leaves
  • eucalyptus mint and rain
  • ocean driftwood
  • endless weekend
White Barn Core Collection scents are:
  • lavender vanilla
  • eucalyptus mint
  • mahogany teakwood
  • Japanese cherry blossom (3 wick only)
There have been a lot of people asking me do I know what is going on Semi Annual Sale and what is coming back.
And I posted this comment the other day:
"Well, from January until now we have had these lines out:

  • Tropical Escape candles
  • Sun Air and Sky signature trio
  • Mad About You signature
  • Destination candles
  • Fresh Picked
  • white barn spring candles
  • Sweet Shop
  • Hawaii trio signature and candles
  • Provence products
  • French Lavender and Honey signature and candles
  • Garden Party candles
  • World Gardens signature trio
  • Endless Weekend

So there could be a lot of this stuff leaving.  And keep in mind, they boxed up ALL of the old style hand soaps so I would bet we see all of them as well.
And fragrances leaving the store we are told it will be:
Carried Away
Coconut Lime Breeze
Be Enchanted
Sensual Amber (already online exclusive so ??)  
Then they updated the list more with these:
Definitely Going:
  • Be Enchanted
  • Carried Away
  • Coconut Lime Breeze
  • Forever Midnight for her
  • Hawaii collection
  • Sun, Sky , Air collection
  • World Garden collection
  • White Citrus for men
  • Paris for men
True Blue Spa: these products are Leaving
  • yogurt smoothies: mango butter, raspberry cocktail, pineapple papaya, strawberry banana, honeydew kiwi, blueberry vanilla

  • all-angle airbrush tan
  • shea cashmere glossing cream and dry shampoo (select stores) 
Now Signature items:

Here is what I know so far: Going 75% the first day of sale

All Products in the:
  ❥World Gardens Collection
  • Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber
  • Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom
  • London Tulips Raspberry Tea
  ❥Sun, Sky , Air collection
  • Golden Magnolia Sun
  • Pear Blossom Air
  • Violet Lily Sky
  ❥Forever Red Vanilla Rum

Body Lotions

  ❥Aloha Hawaii Trio
  • Hawaii $3.00
  • Maui $3.00
  • Oahu $3.00
  ❥French Lavender Body Lotion b3/g3 or b2/g1

  ❥World Gardens Trio
  • Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber 75% off
  • Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom 75%
  • London Tulips Raspberry Tea 75%
  ❥Endless Weekend b3/g3 or b2/g1

Body Mousse
  • carried away  50%
  • warm vanilla sugar  50%
  • velvet sugar  50%
  • mad about you   50%
  • pink chiffon   50%

  • Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber 75% off
  • Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom 75%
  • London Tulips Raspberry Tea 75%
Body Scrub (sugar scrub)
75% off
  • paris
  • sweet pea
  • twilight woods
  • Japanese cherry blossom
Japanese cherry blossom
sweet pea,
moonlight path
pink chiffon
beautiful day
paris amour
white citrus
  • full sized floral easel box
    Japanese cherry blossom
    sweet pea,
    pink chiffon
    beautiful day
  • mini floral easel box
    Japanese cherry blossom
    moonlight path
    pink chiffon
  • patent fabric box
    Japanese cherry blossom
    moonlight path
    paris amour
  • mini coin purse
    Japanese cherry blossom
    sweet pea,
    beautiful day
    paris amour
  • message power bundle
    Japanese cherry blossom
    sweet pea
    white citrus
  • best of bath and body works gift
  • spring mini cosmetic bags
    Japanese cherry blossom
    sweet pea,
    moonlight path
    paris amour
  • spring full size cosmetic bags
    Japanese cherry blossom
    sweet pea,
    moonlight path
    paris amour
  • provence metal bucket
  • provence mini cosmetic bag
  • provence fabric tray
  • provence fabric box
  • provence metal caddy
  • full sized cello gift set-
    pink chiffon
    beautiful day
  • mini cello gift set -Japanese cherry blossom 

  More Signature Fragrance Collection items Leaving
Forever Midnight for Her- 50% off these items
  • luminous body soufflé
  • body lotion
  • shower gel
  • eau de parfum
  • fine fragrance mist
  • triple moisture cream
  • travel sized fragrance mist
  • preview eau de parfum
*Whipped Shimmer Body Cream*  leaving in these scents only:
  • Pink Chiffon
  • Mad About You
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar
  • Velvet Sugar
Paris for Men White Citrus for Men Amber Blush these items only
  • sheer perfume mist
  • diamond shimmer mist
  • golden sugar scrub
  • edt
Pure Paradise this item only
  • diamond shimmer mist
White Citrus these items only
  • edt
  • luxury bubble bath
  • diamond shimmer mist
French Lavender and Honey these items only
  • body soufflé in apricot and honey, almond and honey, wild iris and honey, French lavender and honey
  • hand cream in French lavender and honey
  • honey scrub in apricot and honey, almond and honey, and wild iris and honey
Sea Island Cotton  this item only
  • edt

Scentportables | Room Sprays | Oils
Home Fragrance Oils and Warmers will be 50% off and are exiting this June Sale.
Home Fragrance:

  • home fragrance oils
  • oil warmers
  • fresh picked spring collection
  • garden party collection
  • white barn renew and refresh
  • white barn bergamot woods
  • white barn spring
  • provence collection
  • Hawaii collection
  • sweet shop collection
Home Fragrance Room Sprays:
50% off
5.3oz cans
  • lemon verbena
  • French lavender
  • citron cedarwood
  • turquoise waters
  • sunset beach
  • watermelon lemonade
  • lilac blossom
  • honeysuckle

Mini and Large Ceramic pieces:
most are going at 50% off

  • ceramic pedestals
  • ceramic luminaries
  • ceramic cookie jar
  • there is one marked 75% off and I am not sure what it is yet....but I thought it may be from holiday

Other mini and Large Candle Accessories:
 these are going 75% off
  • acorns nickel
  • owl on branch nickel
  • pumpkins silver
  • dark copper pumpkin
  • dark copper tree

  • galvanized pedestals 50% off
  • mason jar luminaries assorted  50% off
  • pineapple luminaries assorted 50%
  • pineapple luminary silver 75%  

Luminaries | Glass and Ceramic Home décor items: 50% off
  • sweet shop cookie jar
  • sweet shop mini candle holder with glass dome
  • clear mason soap pump jar
  • French lavender and vanilla glass luxe hand soap and lotion
  • ceramic mason jar with chalk board label
  • mini candle ceramic provence candle luminary
  • large 3 wick candle provence ceramic luminary
  • large glass 3 wick mason jar candle luminary
  • mini candle pineapple luminaries
  • small sized mini candle luminary hobnail glass
  • medium sized mini candle luminary hobnail glass
  • large 3 wick sized candle luminary hobnail glass

Hand Soaps in both deep cleansing and gentle foaming:

Soaps and Sanitizers:

  • cucumber melon
  • coconut lime verbena
  • apple mango
  • wild berry freesia
  • Hawaii collection
  • provence collection
  • fresh picked spring collection

ALL Old Bottle packaging Antibacterial Hand Soaps will be out and priced at $2.50

Here are a few:
  • sea island cotton
  • warm vanilla sugar
  • coconut lime verbena
  • kitchen lemon
  • sweet pea
  • Japanese cherry blossom
  • peach bellini
  • aqua blossom
  • white citrus
  • mango paradise
  • aloha orchid
  • island breeze
  • coconut cove
  • ocean sunset
  • berry sangria
  • eucalyptus mint
  • carribean escape
  • aqua blossom
  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Italian lavender
  • mandarin blossom
  • Sicilian lemon
  • beach flower
  • ocean pearl
 Core Hand Soaps Leaving: these will be priced "4 for $18." - "6 for $24."
  • cucumber melon
  • coconut lime verbena
  • wildberry freesia
  • apple mango
Seasonal Hand soaps - these will be priced 50% off
  • mango hibiscus
  • seaside bloom
  • citrus sunshine
  • coastal surf and sun
  • perfect beach day
  • sleeves: enamel butterfly and enamel bee half sleeves, rhinestone sleeve, botanical butterfly sleeve

Everything from duckies to gift bags, and more....expect a lot and most are starting out 50% off

Soap Sleeves:
50% off
  • turtle
  • flower
  • bee
  • butterfly
50% off

TONS--if you like them and must have them...grab them, both holders and refills...otherwise grab them on sale

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