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#BBWinsider | Bath & Body Works | Product Reviews

May 15, 2014
While I do have a category on my blog for my #BBWInsider product reviews ( fragrance insider ) I wanted to make a posting where all of my reviews can be easily found on the featured scroll.
Bath & Body Works | World Getaway Tote | Review | #BBWinsider #GiveMomTheWorld
April 29, 2014
On April 10th I posted a blog with your first look at this years Mothers Day VIP tote bag and the products that come in it.
On April 21st, I posted another blog mentioning the Mothers Day Contest that was currently beginning online and I mentioned that on Easter Sunday I made an online order of Wallflower bulbs and added in the new World Getaway Tote.
I received my tote on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 and shared a video of the products inside of it so everyone could see just how beautiful the canvas tote is in person. It is on my Facebook page and you may need to scroll down a few pictures to see it.
It was priced at $20.00 with any $40.00 purchase and will be in stores with the launch of the new World Gardens line of products (my store mentioned May 9th).
Today, we #BBWInsiders were given the chance at 4pm to get our own FREE of charge World Getaway tote to review.  All day I had this feeling we were going to see another item to review so I checked often leaving the page up
...even though we still have not yet received our Endless Weekend to review.
By 4:07pm they were all gone and at that time I was busy serving dinner with my cell phone upstairs and missed out on getting this product.  Drats.
While all items are given to us reviewers at no charge, we are to review and share our thoughts honestly with no thought given to it being for free.  You can always trust that I would never review something favorably if it wasn't and my reviews will always be my own.
That being said, I want to review this item....purchased by me, because
as part of the #BBWInsider program, it is important to  me that my readers know my thoughts on this Getaway tote.
Here is my Review:
World Tour Getaway V.I.P. Tote - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works
Inside this canvas muslin colored tote with gold metallic stripes you will find a beautiful floral pattern. and a pocket. You will also find 8 Bath and Body Works products.
❥Full Sized Signature Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber
  • Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel
  • Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
❥Lavender Blossoms Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
❥French Lavender mini candle
❥Forever Midnight Limited Edition Eau de Parfum
❥Wild Passionflower nourishing Hand Cream
❥Dark Pink Shower Poof
Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber
  • Top Notes: Lemon Verbena, Succulent Apricot, Desert Sand Accord, Spiced Fig
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine, Marrakesh Orchid, Turmeric
  • Dry Notes: Creamy Vanilla, Kashmir Wood, Pink Amber
The Morocco scent is brand new to us and if you haven't tried it in the store yet, you really should.  And getting this full sized three piece ritual is incredible since each item is priced: $14.00, $12.50 and $12.50.  You could easily make that a gift itself for someone this Mothers Day tossing in that adorable dark pink bath sponge.
The other pieces are tried and true and they, { hand soap, mini candle, mini parfum Forever Midnight and Hand cream can become another gift for someone....Mothers Day or not.
Then you get this zippered tote.  Keep it for yourself for toting all those things you need in a day, or gift it filled with these special treats from Bath and Body Works....and/or a beach towel...flip flops and a bottle of sunscreen...(hey, we all need that right?).
This is a $20.00 investment that is sure to please yourself or those you share it with.  Grab two if you feel you can't part with this!
I purchased a few Spring Paper boxes at Michaels Crafts Store recently and I tucked my tote and all the products that came with it inside.  Wrapped in clear cello wrapping and a huge bow...who wouldn't love receiving this World Getaway tote....?
All I can say is VERY usual Bath and Body Works.....
Be sure to check out my video link to see these items in person as it will take a few days for #BBWinsiders to get this to review and you really Don't want to miss out on this.  I expect this will fly off of the shelves.
Happy Shopping!
Bath & Body Works | Morocco Orchid & Amber | Fragrance Review | #BBWinsider
March 31, 2014
Usually when I do a #BBWinsiders review, it is of a product that was sent to me from Bath and Body Works free of charge for my thoughts on it to share with my readers and friends.
With this scent however,
Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber,
I had a feeling a new insider item was coming that day, but I was having a hard morning and just missed getting one....and the free garden party candle scent as well. You need to be fast as quantities are limited.
While I won't be able to review that candle yet, I went and bought this new World Garden fragrance scent preview so I can give an opinion on it.
In seeing the packaging on all of the new upcoming World Gardens I must say I am loving the noticeable thought and design work that is put into making these bottles pretty enough to be displayed.  While all of the bottles are beautiful, there is a change in the packaging marketing to all of us and I am loving it.
Even this tiny Eau de parfum preview has the clover like shield pattern on the sticker. Add in the shiny gold lid completes the look that something exotic is coming.
Now for the scent...I say time and again, scent is a personal thing and our bodies chemistries are all with all fragrances I review my first thought is to say....go to the store and TRY any and all on yourself.  They are free to try in store and relatively cheap to get a sample of something home to take for a spin.
A few days ago I was sprayed with the larger bottle of this in a store and my first thought was ....not for me. I am not sure if it mixed with some lotion or fragrance I had on me already, but it didn't smell like my typical scents I would go for.
Tonight, I am clean from a shower with no scent on my skin and I sprayed a good amount to see what this is going to do.
It is very similar to something we have already....dried down. Like a hair close to Forever Midnight... on me...  
And if you would see would laugh...  as I am trying a bunch of scents, one after another,  on my other arm to compare it with this new one.  I'm thinking its the Amber warm note that is perplexing me now.  Strong out of the bottle and subtly different after a few moments.
This reminds me of a fragrance you will wear day into evening. It's not a heavy fragrance that will overpower you in a hot summer day, and its not a lightweight scent that won't hold up.
I will be picking up one more preview the next time I visit the store.
On the site there is this information: 
 ❥Our master perfumers have captured the allure of an exotic Moroccan garden with a lush fantasy of Marrakesh Orchid, glowing pink amber, and rose petal water wrapped in apricot nectar and vanilla silk

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: lemon verbena,   apricots, desert sand accord, fig nectar
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Casablanca orchid, rose petal water,
Dry Notes: Vanilla bean, Kashmir wood, exotic amber
With this is  Trio of scents coming out, I am hoping for these products:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Body Lotion
Shower Gel
Triple Moisture Cream
{lip gloss}
travel ritual
Eau de parfum
Eau de Toilette
maybe something shimmer
This new fragrance line should be in stores April 28th 2014. With your purchases now in store, you are given a new bounce back coupon that begins that day and is for a free Signature Collection item with a value up to $12.50 with any $10 purchase.  So I suggest you check out this new mini Parfum in the Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber scent and get a coupon to get something from that line { or any signature scent of your choosing} when it releases for free with a purchase of ten dollars.
Here are the other fragrances coming out with Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber:

*World Gardens
  ❥London Tulips and Black Berry Tea:
(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood
  ❥Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber:
( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla
  ❥Tokyo Lotus and  Apple Blossom:
(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest

Bath & Body Works | French Lavender & Honey Lotion | French Lavender Candle | Fragrance Review | #BBWinsider
March 18, 2014
Ever since I found out months ago that Bath and Body Works was going to do a Lavender Signature line I have been so anxious to try it...smell it... see it...GET MY HANDS ON IT!
And being part of the #bbwinsiders program, I was fortunate to have had a chance to preview some of these upcoming products and share my thoughts on them with my readers.
First, as I always like to point out, my reviews on any of the products I received at no cost to me from Bath and Body Works Insiders program are my genuine thoughts on the item. I will always share what I think honestly because I would hope someone would do that for me too.
That being said....
Let me begin with the 8oz Shea and Vitamin E body lotion in the scent of French Lavender and Honey.
I am so glad they held off this product line for the new bottle style packaging.  It is perfect for the feel of the label design...right down to the font used.  I love the shadowing they did on the lettering and the scrolls making me feel like I just picked up a very expensive product.  I want to feel special when I use a product and the first steps in doing that is what will draw me in...and that is the label.
This label captures a little piece of southern France and the bottle will look beautiful displayed.
Bravo on the design.....
Next, the scent. When the parfum preview came out I went and got three...  Trying it on in the store was okay but I wanted to experience it on my own terms....not just standing in a store full of distractions. 
And parfum is an excellent starting point in discovering a fragrances notes and how each will interact on your body.  But for me, adding in a lotion is key because there is something about it melting into your skin for you to get that depth of scent.
When I smelled this on me in the store with the preview, I told the SA that it has that familiar base to me...almost as if it had a touch of the Scent Paris as a starting point.  Just my immediate interpretation...then.
And yes, this is a Floral scent.  But don't get turned off from trying it because it's called Lavender or you don't like floral scents....or even if you think it will smell like the sharpness of true lavender.
For me, it's not like that.  I grow lavender and I know the scent of that....and somehow this scent is more muted than strong.  It mentions that it has lily of the valley and I have grown them as well and they are a floral me... is sweet and very recognizable.  I think this scent is familiar to what I have smelled before in other lines, yet not...
and it's beautiful.
I love the pink color of the lotion as it makes me expect it to be sweet and lady like...and I love that after I am wearing it.... I get that base note of a musk that brings it back to a warm scent. 
I rubbed it on my arms when it arrived earlier today and I have enjoyed its scent all day long.  While there may be Lavender in this, it is not a stark potpourri ---line your nana's dresser drawers with -- kind of scent.  And its not a room spray scent.
I would suggest you try it in some form....either by the preview parfum and/or getting a travel sized lotion when it comes out March 31, 2014. If things go like they usually do with big releases, I would expect it to appear sooner than that date as I think there is a huge call to try this.  My store knows to call me as soon as it is all available.
Now for the candle.
BIG....BIG scent.  And I find they nailed the scent of Lavender perfectly. 
Having not told me the candles name...nor saw a purple candle....on a blind test scent challenge I would have easily said...Lavender.  And this candle filled my home to the upstairs with fragrance while I burned it for a few hours...and even into the night; I went downstairs a bit ago and the scent still lingers. 
The burn was perfect.  No issues with wick or wax....just pure scent a candle should be.
I was hoping that this scent would be as floral as the actual flower is, which I think is tricky because some candles that say that they are always end up smelling fake to me....and I trusted that it would be right by getting three mason jar candles in it today pre this ever arriving and my trying it.
I am so glad that I did.  I love having different options of candle sizes and while my insider candle is a 3 wick....sometimes a different space needs a smaller size.
This 3 wick has my vote and I will be buying this candle when the Provence line comes to stores. If you love floral candle scents and if you love Lavender this is definitely for you.
Two days before Spring starts and its bitter cold outside here....this candle definitely made my Garden Jealous.....
Bath & Body Works | Oahu Signature Trio | Fragrance Review | #BBWinsider
February 26, 2014
Winter is in full swing here in Pennsylvania and it is currently snowing again. Days trapped inside trying to stay warm while everything outside turns a beautiful shade of white makes me wish for something warm and sun filled. Spring is merely 22 days away.....
Yesterday, UPS brought me my #bbwinsider box and last night when I was finished with my day I opened it up and checked everything out.
As I opened the outer box, I was greeted with this beautiful gingham signature patterned gift box secured with a silver elastic bow.  Inside this box beneath the same signature gingham tissue paper was a trio of full sized signature products.  A very generous size product to review. Many thanks to Bath and Body Works for this opportunity.
Now to the review:
This time, Bath and Body Works sent us their Signature Trio of products in their upcoming scent,
OAHU Coconut Sunset 
 which is part of the Aloha, Hawaii Trio Collection. And from what I just read quickly, this new trio of scents collection will surely get rid of those winter blues with some refreshing blends of tropical notes.
Oahu Coconut Sunset is described as a sexy blend of coconut blossoms and exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber.
I first tried the Shea and Vitamin E Shower gel last night. The scent was not overpowering at all and I found it to be a warm scent.  Not a wake you up kind of fragrance, this scent let me know it was there and nothing more.
I followed up with the Shea and Vitamin E body lotion. I really love the way my skin feels after its applied as this formulation is a much richer feel.  And I love the way this scent melts into you and gives a soft presence.  On me, it's not a "here I am" overpowering kind of  fragrance. Japanese Cherry Blossom is a overpowering kind of fragrance.
This is subtle and is exactly what I like in a scent.  Because I was going to sleep, I waited to try the Fine Fragrance mist this morning.
I started again with a layer of the body lotion; winter time indoors with the heat on does dry out your skin and this lotion does help.
And afterward I misted the FFM.  I keep smelling it on me to see if it will be one of those scents that turn badly with my body chemistry and it did not. Yay!   It is really pretty. 
I am not smelling in Suntan lotion coconuts that everyone smells like in the summer time.... As I thought it may end up being.
 This reminds me of the richness of Amber Blush for some reason. It is warm and I think perfect for any time of year, not only summertime as the names would imply.
I will get the other two fragrances in this line,
MAUI hibiscus beach and HAWAII passionfruit kiss
 and review how they are and how they compare to this OAHU.
I would definitely recommend trying this beautiful scent.
I know the Travel Sized products (at least the lotions)  are out currently in the stores for this line, Regularly priced at $5.00 each currently on special 3 for $12.00 .  {today there is a one day only sale 3/$6.00 on travel items so check out your store to see if these are included}
Disclaimer: the items sent to me to review from bath and body works are done so free of charge.  that in no way influences my thoughts regarding these products and my reviews are done honestly as my own opinions of said products.  I appreciate the generosity of bath and body works with this #bbwinsiders program but please note, that will not influence my opinions.
Bath & Body Works | New Formula hand soap Review  | #BBWinsider
February 11, 2014
I never heard the UPS man today so it was a nice surprise to see a little white box on the porch waiting for me. Not long ago I
 signed up for the next item to be reviewed from Bath and Body Works and here it was.
Their new formula Hand Soaps.
Again as I always like to mention regarding the BBW Insiders Program.  All items sent to me to be reviewed free of charge from Bath and Body Works.  That in no way influences my decision making on these products and I will always give an accurate and truthful accounting of my experience, as I would hope anyone would do for me. Results
will vary from person to person as it would be expected.
All that being said, let me share what I found.
First, I am a huge Bath and Body Works Hand Soap user.  I thought about posting the picture of my "collection" but I changed my mind.  Suffice it to say I use all of the lines, Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing and Gentle Foaming and have, ahem...a lot.
My favorite has always been the deep cleansing.  There is something about richness of a pump of that compared to the more watered down version of gentle foaming.  I usually only buy foamy for a specific scent that isn't offered in Deep Cleansing.  And any anti-bacterial soap may pose some dryness when you use them a lot so I do opt for the moisturizing when it was available.  I keep them on my kitchen sink, bathroom sink and basement sink.  They are my go to hand soaps.  I could use cheaper store brands but I do like the scents BBW offers. And with sales and survey coupons they are affordable.
Now I gave that background of my soap collection and use because I wanted it to be clear I am familiar with this brand and I can tell if there is any change.
Packaging Label
My box arrived and inside I found this adorable packaging.  A lot of time and care is put into all BBW products right down to the marketing and I do appreciate a good bottle label. :)
Inside I found bubble wrapped three bottles of the new hand soaps in the Fresh Picked line (coming out next Monday ) in three INCREDIBLE scents. Lemon Mint Leaf, Garden Strawberries and Sweet Tangerines.
And let me say all are definitely worth a purchase.
I love the labels on this Fresh Picked Line.  I love the way the look on my white kitchen sink and I would definitely include them in gift baskets for friends and family.
Fragrance of Product
Now to the scents.  Wow again.  I don't think the intensity of fragrance has changed in this new formulation, it smells to me as rich as it had before. 
*The lemon mint definitely balanced out the perfect amount of both citrus and mint and neither takes over the other.  I thought with my huge collection I don't need any more and I was wrong. I like that this scent smells clean and not CLEANER like.
*The strawberry scent is sweet and smelled pleasant as I washed and I found myself smelling it faintly when I was through.
And that Tangerine scent  is perfect for my kitchen hand washing and I noticed it completely removed the scents from cooking with onions. The depth of this fragrance reminded me of that burst of citrus close to the rind and I loved it.
So I tried them while cooking and I brought them upstairs to try throughout the rest of the day in the bath room.  My holiday deep cleansing bottle had just finished and I brought up a moisturizing to take its place prior to receiving my package.
Seeing these sitting out on the sink I must say I like the shape of the pump.  It, combined with a new bottle design seems to pump easier.  What I mean by that is it's a more flat top and when I press down on it, I didn't knock the bottle over like I have done before with the smaller head on the older bottles. It fit within the recess of the palm of my hand.
One pump brought out plenty of product to clean my hands. 
 Deep Cleansing
Gentle Foaming 
I notice a big difference in the foamy soap first.  It doesn't feel so watered down and is actually creamy feeling as I rubbed it on both hands before adding water.  I felt my hands were clean as I washed and they didn't seem to have a film or residue when I dried them.
The deep cleansing also felt different to me, a bit smoother.  It too rinsed clean away and my hands felt clean. 
The big test was afterwards.  Not dried out!.  No need for hand lotions immediately because my hands felt soft.  With cold winter weather, and cold and flu season, I am a hands washer and soap ...all soaps dry them out.  This was the first time I noticed they felt great.
With this new formula comes new bottle designs and of course our previous sleeves will not fit these...until they make sleeves that will.  Until then we do have the option for the half sleeves that we have been seeing since last fall.  But with bottles this pretty...why cover them up?
I highly recommend these new hand soaps.  I will use them myself and give them as gifts and I look forward to experiencing the new scents coming!
Bath & Body Works | MAD ABOUT YOU | Fragrance Review | body lotion | #BBWinsider
January 20, 2014
I received a beautiful white box today and inside surrounded with pink tissue and purple paper I found a full sized Pink colored Body Lotion in the new Signature scent  MAD ABOUT YOU shared with me from Bath & Body Works for their #bbwinsiders to try.
This past weekend while shopping in a favorite Bath and Body Works store, the stores manager went into the back and got out the preview EDP for me to try it. Sadly this scent did not blend well with my bodies chemistry to produce the same beautiful scent that was on her and in the bottle.  What I picked out most on myself was the patchouli and while I love that earthy scent in other forms, the dry down on me was a bit too strong and not what I prefer as my signature scents.  I do like to smell clean and fresh and feminine and while this smells great in the bottle it does change for me...on me.
When I smell the lotion in the bottle it's a touch of fruity and a bit similar to some of the other scents B&BW offers.. And I found myself putting it up to my nose to smell it now over and over again as it is intoxicating and romantic. It reminded me a lot of what a great shampoo smells like. Silly, I know.  But honest.
February 3rd, Mad About You is set to Launch and what perfect timing for Valentines Day! 
I would recommend that you go into a Bath and Body Works store and try it out in both the lotion as well as the fragrance mist.  Sometimes you get a different take on a scent in a different form so you should give both a try.
Bath & Body Works | Mahalo Maui | Spring 2014 Destination Candle Review | #BBWinsider
January 13, 2104
One day last week I received my #bbwinsider candle from Bath and Body Works to review but I have been so busy taking down holiday items I never got a chance to burn it yet.  And I wanted to be sure my review of it wasn't only a lift the lid and tell you it smelled nice... because it did... but an in depth with pictures 'here's what I think' kind of review.  Thank you again Bath & Body Works for giving me the opportunity to review this and my opinion of this candle is mine alone, truthful and honest and not because I received this at no cost to me.
The website now has Mahalo Maui on it for sale and the notes are these:
Go an instant vacation with a blend inspired by our favorite Hawaiian island  featuring notes of passion fruit, white flowers and a hint of soft musk. Let's  luau!
This is definitely a tropical feel candle and for me the cold scent was as expected and nice.   I began burning my candle at 10am this morning in a tall glass cylinder { my normal routine way of burning to eliminate fire hazards}.
The wicks were perfect and lit quickly and the wax pooled as it should in a matter of minutes.
I immediately started to smell fragrance in the room I was working in.
To me this smelled like simply, pineapples and coconuts. Very tropical and made me think of summertime, but I did notice a hint of smokey-ness.  Not like a fireside candle where the scent was added but almost as if the wicks themselves were too hot and giving off an unpleasant smell along with the wax oils.
I burned it for two hours and as you can see the wax pool is perfect and the scent is strong with a very good throw.  I smelled the fragrance all throughout my upstairs.  The closer to the candle I got though I did smell that underlying unpleasant scent.
I do not cut the wicks when I burn, as I feel they take care of themselves and keep the wax melting correctly.  They didn't get out of control and spark or do anything they shouldn't have.  This candle burned perfectly, the scent carried and filled my home as you would expect and want it to.
If you love pineapple and coconut scented candles, you should definitely give Bath & Body Works Mahalo Maui a try.
Personally, I will continue to burn it to see if the smell I encountered was a one time only event or part of the candle itself and I will pass on any other purchases of this Mahalo Maui.
#bbwinsiders   review of #mahalomaui

❥Bath & Body Works | It Happened One Night
Holiday 2013 | Holiday 2013 | Mini Candle Review | #BBWinsider

December 9, 2013
I received my Box of three mini candles today {at no charge} from Bath and Body Work Fragrance Insiders to review the fragrances and post my findings.  The review I will provide is my own opinion on the scents of these items and not one because these were provided to me at no charge.
Candle Line: 
 It Happened One Night
     Holiday 2013
Name of candles and notes:
Party Dress:
An unforgettable blend of orchid petals, billowing white peony and soft jasmine  that's fitting for any celebration. 
Black Tie:
Your perfect escort to any holiday party – green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean
Peach Bellini:
A shimmering holiday twist on a classic blend of white peach, tart  blackcurrant and a splash of juicy orange. 
My Thoughts:
The first candle I opened is not a stranger to me and is one that I own and burn often.
Peach Bellini.
I love this scent.  I love on cold sniff the peach and orange note combination seems to blend together for a citrus smell but not overly sweet and not an orangey smell.  You can smell the peaches in this candle and the orange is just a hint. And for me, it has an effervescence to it.. almost fizzy like the drink. With the lid off waiting for me to start burning it, you can smell its strong....for this little candle. 
The wax for this candle is white.  While colored waxes are pretty, I am partial to white wax candles as they match everything.
 I have this little candle currently burning and it is peach delicious-ness, even in this little size.  Highly recommend. 
The next candle in the box is Party Dress.
This wax is a dark purple color and upon lifting the lid my first impression was it was a floral with a touch of masculinity to it.  Not manly like the Black Tie is, and  not bright florals like the Spring candle was.  It has a warmth to the floral notes without this vanilla touch so many of the candles now seem to have.  This is a new favorite for me and one I will go buy in a larger 3 wick size.  I recommend it.
The last candle in the box is Black Tie
This wax is a gunmetal grey color and upon opening its lid I find this to be very masculine scent driven as if it was a man cologne or deodorant.  I know sandalwood and green sage....but I have no idea what a Tonka bean is or what it smells like so I wont pretend to say yes it's in here.
What I get from this on cold sniff is clean and sexy.  This is the candle I would expect a man would be burning for himself and what women would buy for him.  I would definitely gift this to a guy....and hoped he smelled like it too!
I have been burning this one now and it smells as rich and masculine warmed as it did cold...another I highly recommend.
Here are some photos of the candles in the "It happened one night" Line.  They are all awesome  and well worth trying!
Party Dress 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksChampagne Toast 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksCranberry Pear Bellini 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksPeach Bellini 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksHot Buttered Rum 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksSpiced Apple Toddy 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksBlack Tie 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works                    
❥Bath & Body Works | Forever Midnight  Limited Edition  .25oz eau de parfum spray bottle| Holiday 2013 | Review | #BBWinsider
November 14, 2013
Disclaimer:  Please note that I was chosen to be a Bath and Body Works Insider and from time to time I will be sharing a review of the product{s} that Bath and Body Works sends to me for my personal review of. The fact that this item was sent to me free of charge will never influence my thoughts shared of the item as they will be based solely on my experiences of it.
Forever Midnight  Limited Edition  .25oz eau de parfum spray bottle
Size: 2.75" long purple colored glass bottle with a plastic lid
Fragrance Notes:

Key Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Plum Nectar, Apple Blossom, Caramelized Pear
Mid Notes: Night Blooming Vanilla Orchid, Midnight Jasmine, Gardenia
Dry Notes: Caramel Liqueur, Whipped Meringue, Sandalwood
My sampler arrived today November 14th, 2013 in a beautiful packaged mailer:
Upon opening it, I found the semi- oval shaped bottle imprinted with the words Forever Midnight in white lettering.  Beautifully sized packaging for your purse or pocket.  That's an important factor for any fragrance fan...having a purse sized bottle.
The scent:
This sample arrived a bit later than the actual release of the item in store so I was familiar with the product from having tried it in store, but I still tried this.  The actual bottles in store as well as the displays are simply elegant and you know just by seeing them that this is a Luxe fragrance line.  And releasing it during the Holidays makes it a perfect go to gift.
I have tried this on myself as soon as it arrived today and it is still very fragrant hours later with only two small sprays initially.  There is a richness and depth to the scent as the notes mix with my own bodies chemistry. I personally don't pick up much of the floral notes on me but more of the sandalwood and caramel warmth.  This is by no means a light scented fragrance and it is one that will get you noticed.
Final Thoughts:
While this fragrance is not one that I would classify as my usual norm; I do prefer a more clean or light floral scent for my fragrance choices only because they work well on me, this is easily one that you should try to see how the richness of this fragrance works with your own chemistry.  There are tester bottles in store for you to try it and the Limited Edition Eau de Parfum mini bottle is also available in store and online currently for $6.00. 

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