Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Endless Weekend | Launch Haul

May 13, 2014
Today, online only for one day, everything is available on a Buy any 3 items and you can get 3 items for free.  The terms of this sale are on the website. but you will notice that everything is regular priced. And depending on what you are looking for, this could be a good sale if your looking for something that may not go on sale in the stores often.
I posted a picture of all of the online codes I know of currently to help save a little.  Here is that photo:
Yesterday, my online order arrived as well as my #BBWinsider box of the Endless Weekend Signature trio for review and after I finish this blog I will review those as I am wearing it today.  I know most everyone has tried this new Signature scent since the preview came out weeks ago, but I wanted to share my thoughts as well as it is very pretty on.
My online order consisted of 8 of these beautiful mini candle lanterns that you can see in the store on the front table and they are beautiful.  A bit pricey at $16.50 each but anything home décor related is expensive.
Sadly, one of mine arrived smashed to bits in the bubble wrap but it is being taken care of by the Customer Service department.  These are really nice and would be a great addition to any summer themed display.  Perfect for summer garden luminaries both on a tabletop or the ground.  The glass is a bit thin so you need to be careful in handling them, but not so thin that you would skip using it. I also ordered another rose wallflower to replace the two I gifted as well as picking up the anchor and the sailboat new to the Coastal Cool Home Collection.
I ordered 8 of the new mini frosted colored glass candles and I was a bit surprised to see most of them didn't have that paper cover over the wax.  I noticed the wax is softer, be it by design or the heat now as the days are getting warmer and some of them had dig marks....probably from the packer.
Also check your wicks in these minis, a few of mine are off center so use caution and follow the burning directions with these little guys.'
So that was the online order.
Todays store deal of the day is the new hand soap Endless Weekend priced at $3.00 a bottle and available in both the Deep Cleansing as well as the Gentle Foaming. Grab a bunch...(ten) use a survey and get them for $2.00 each.
And the floorset looked nice.  I know the manager mentioned to me that with the push for it to launch earlier they are missing things but I still found enough to fill a few bags. I got to smell the new candles and yes, there are re-dos....truth be told...when isn't there?  My thinking is this...we know...when we smell it if its a familiar scent...and if we want it...we will buy it. 
I loved the Palm Leaves in the green colored glass and will wait for a sale...or I will get it online later tonight.  The coffret wasn't on sale yet....but maybe in a few days that too will be marketed at the spend $20 and get it for $15.
But I did grab three more minis....and yes, I love the colored glass so that is why I got them.  After the candle melts and is gone, I can use those battery operated minis in it for continued use. And with my bounce back coupon for a free signature item, I grabbed a new Endless Weekend body wash. Ten dollars plus tax for all of that...making them each $2.50.
I noticed on the rounder by the register a few of the mini pedestals with domes and I grabbed them.  The manager mentioned they found another box and I was sad to have only grabbed the two back in February.  Again, another survey.  There was an older woman checking out next to me and when she was asked for an email address she told the manager she didn't have one.  As she was leaving she looked over at my pile of treasures and asked how I got my coupons.  I explained the bounce backs to her...(she spent 40.00 with her purchase and had no coupons) and then I explained the surveys next.
She looked at her slip and of course the surveys are done now. I had my purse open so I gave her one of mine for her next visit.  I know some managers frown on customers sharing coupons at the register but my thinking is this.  That little bit of generosity means they will come back and buy more.  And the more they do...the better it is for my store...and ME.
The manager waited until our conversation was over with and said, "that was nice of you to do that."  I told her my thinking and she said she understood that but most people won't now that they are over with.  I told her I know B&BW and there is always some way to get a deal and I wasn't worried.  Okay...back to what I was shopping for...
The adorable zippered cosmetic bags....these are on the travel sized table and are priced at $19.50.  Inside are pure paradise in the green toned bag...a trio of minis and in the other bag of orange tones...its a trio of beautiful day.  Odd to see these scents in them I know...
In this bag, is FULL sized product and the back is turquoise striped.  It is priced at $25.00 for a three piece of Body Lotion, Shower Gel and GLITTER mist. 
 I added 5 pocketbacs in the new coastal cool scents and used a survey and got all of this for $20.00.
And the last grouping of new things I got today was the Wallflower bulbs in a few of the new scents.  I added 5 more pocketbacs and a $1.00 nail file to use my survey and get all of that for $20.00
So that is my haul. The weather here is finally warming up just as Bath and Body Works is releasing their new Endless Weekend and Coastal Cool Home Collection. Perfect timing.
The beautiful frosted colored glass and the maritime themes have me ready for flip-flops, shorts and a day in the sun......


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