Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New travel fold-able bags

May 10, 2014
I visited two different malls today and of course that means I visited two different Bath and Body Works stores.
The first one told me that they are getting their floor set done Sunday night, even though they don't have a candle yet in stock for the front table.
They had the new soaps set, since Tuesday I was told, and they were beginning to set the pocketbacs when I came in so I got to see not only the pocketbacs that match the hand soap, but a few new others.  There is another bee label pocketbac.
The manager came and checked to see if they were ringing, and when they didn't, she had the SA remove them, including all I picked out to buy... and I was told I couldn't buy them.  Hmmp.
I don't buy one pocketbac....I buy a lot, but if the store doesn't need my money that bad...okay....there is always another store willing to fix the price if they don't ring.
It was mentioned that the travel tote bags that I like and use always were finally back and they go only one package of six in and the manager said I could buy one.
Here are the....three... new colors they come in....  ;).Loving these summer theme colors this new line is doing.  They are pricey since I purchased them last....($6.50) but I do like them so I got them.
Some stores were offering the new mini candles on sale as a preview....Which would be great if all stores did....or were even close to being on the same page.
Some stores set early, some are putting things out early, some are saying they are going to set tomorrow and one raised their voice to me...again...when I asked if they were as well telling me they aren't.
I don't raise my voice...and I don't appreciate it when others do in a store I am SHOPPING at. Especially not a worker. Some forget I am a CUSTOMER first....just because I shop a lot and they know me by name, but when I ask a simple question...I don't care how frustrated you are for whatever reason....don't take it out on me.
In that last visit I was told that tomorrow there will be a sneak peek of the Travel sized Endless Weekend coming priced at 3 for $6.00, Tomorrow.  Being that it's Mothers Day, a hard day for me, I will be hanging out at home working in my garden and making a picnic lunch so I will pass on getting those.
My #BBWinsider Endless Weekend ritual trio arrives Monday so I will be doing my review of all of the products then. It's not new NEWS since I was able to get the preview parfum weeks ago before any store sold it and I did write a review of my thoughts on that then...{and others have been getting the previews and know whether they like it or not }.... so I am just anxious to see how these other products work with my chemistry.

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