Friday, May 2, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Mothers Day Candle set

May 2, 2014
For sometime now, I have known when the VIP tote was coming and when the Mothers Day candle was also coming out.  And with every visit to my store, I was hopeful that they would sneak out earlier.  So when the VIP tote came online at Easter, I grabbed it.  And Wednesday when the Mothers Day candle showed up online as well with the pedestal as a free item with NO purchase necessary I made sure I got for me and one for a gift.
Yesterday when I went into the store to grab some 2/$22 candles to also put in the gift boxes, the sales associate reminded me again that Friday is the day for the Pedestal set.  So I held off getting my candles. 
In todays email, I was lucky enough to get a different deal of the day from everyone else.  Mine was still the 2/$22 candles but it was also for Triple Moisture Cream for only $3.00.
A great price for sure, and that and a little something else in a gift bag is a perfect I am thinking of you today I planned on getting a few.
I called my store asking if the MD set was out and when the SA checked, she came back and told me that because the store was doing the TMC deal today, they pushed back the MD set until tomorrow, Saturday.
Having something like this on a Saturday made more sense to me because I never understood why this would be a Friday sale item.  I was still getting over being able to get the set for $15.00 nothing else required I think a lot of people were happy and surprised at that.
I asked the SA was the TMC sale happening and she said yes and I told her I would see her later.
When I went to the store the same SA was there filling in as there were a lot of shoppers.  That DOD was a good one definitely.  The manager came over to me and told me that they were told to hold back on the MD set and the sa that told me about it was not suppose to.   She told me that because I knew she would get me a set so I didn't make a wasted trip...again. Which was so nice of her and I appreciated it.  But then I felt bad about the SA maybe getting into trouble.  Truth is I know pretty much a lot before I go I really hope no one gets in trouble over a candle.
I wandered around getting the TMCs I needed, cleaning out the last few OAHU and went and grabbed my Pink Petal Teacake....blessed candles I have been waiting forever for....only to have the manager tell me that today that sale was lifted in this store. Um, really?
But because it was included in with my email...she was going to honor it for me as well.
I left the store with three bags and I would be finally able to wrap up one of the mothers day gifts I want to take care of so I was happy about that. But geesh, is shouldn't be this confusing.
Here is the box I purchased at Michaels Craft store to hold the goodies.  And afterward, it's pretty enough to use as storage.
Here is the Mothers Day Candle and two of the Pink Petal Tea Cake candles.  The scents aren't at all get up and grab you strong on cold sniff....Maybe when they are burning the scent will be better.  I was hoping for a pure garden tea rose scented candle finally...but these aren't.  I am not sure what's the problem in making some rose scented things for the home and body...But I must first sniff and thoughts on the Pink Petal Tea Cake was it's a signature fragrance scent...
 I added in a few other goodies...
And wrapped it in cello with the lid ajar, and used the pink ribbons the store gave me.
These are the Triple Moisture Creams I bought...well worth the sale price of $2.00 after the survey coupon.
Today, I noticed the pedestal holder came back online for sale by itself $8.50.  Wednesday, there must have been a certain amount of sets that were to be sold online because by mid afternoon, the free pedestal offer was no long attached to the candles.
And then yesterday when the candles went 2/$22, I did see that the price of the Mothers Day candle did go from being regular $22.50 to $11.00. 
Now whether or not all stores had the Set out today or if they are going to do them tomorrow I am not sure. I was told that tomorrow in my stores they are handing out a free soap coupon with a ten dollar purchase.  Which is good...If you don't have any of the bounce backs that let you get a free $12.50 valued Signature item with a ten dollar purchase.
I think I am done for a while until Endless Weekend comes and I get to try the new handsoaps in that line....okay...and hand sanitizers too..

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