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#BBWInsider | Bath & Body Works | ENDLESS WEEKEND | Product Review

May 21, 2014
Last week I received my Endless Weekend #BBWInsider trio of fragrance package from Bath and Body Works to review and I wanted to try them for a bit before giving my thoughts on each.  I was fortunate a month ago to get the preview parfum before it released so I already had an idea of how this fragrance would work with my bodies chemistry.
Fortunately for me it worked wonderfully.
First, let me again say how much I am loving being a part of this program.  This is a brand that I believe in and trust to give me products to use in my every day life and share with my family and friends so having this look into upcoming scents makes it that much more fun.
And I am all about presentation...and marketing....and when we receive our products for review....they are presented beautifully as the gifts they are.
Inside this beautiful gingham box was this three piece scent ritual in the new for May 2014 scent
Endless Weekend.  We were given a Fine Fragrance Mist, a shower gel and a body lotion.
Scent aside, the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful labels on the bottles.  When you are marketing a fragrance for summer you want that label to reflect all of those things we think of when summers warmth finally arrives.  And these labels do just that. I am planning our vacation currently and these products will be going with me. And having the color of the bottle and product inside a reminder of beautiful turquoise waters does not hurt.
Now onto the fragrance. 
The notes for this new scent Endless Weekend are described as follows:
  • Top Notes: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet, Sparkling Mandarin, Juicy Nectarine, Apple, Mirabelle Plum
  • Mid Notes: Sun-Kissed Magnolia, Gardenia, Plum Blossom, Fresh Picked Jasmine Sambac
  • Dry Notes: Vanilla Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Blue Coconut Water, Sugared Musk

  • What I am smelling on me is the sweet of the berry first, especially in the body lotion.  And when it dries down, then you do get the warmth of that sandalwood and musk. It reminds me a lot of Amber Blush.

    So I used the shower gel first....Sweet and fresh in the shower.  To me, the scent of the shower gel and the lotion are a bit different.  I get more of a  fruity note in the shower gel, which is great.  You wash, rinse and the scent is off of your skin and the room smells great. :)

    And when I applied the body lotion, the warm notes surface more.

    Then the mist.  This scent, mist wise, I find to be light.  I sprayed it on me and it seems to not last as long on...or that I can smell anyway and I found myself re-spraying later. 

    For summer body scenting, I want light...I don't want my fragrance to arrive before I do and I don't want it to be so overpowering that it competes with the heat of the day. Fragrance should compliment you.

    Sometimes while walking through the mall you smell strong fragrance choices on women and I often wonder if they know how strong it really is.

    This scent is not going to be one of those and is perfect to toss into your summer bag and enjoy. anytime of day.

    When I was able to get the preview first I knew it was a winner....  Then the day before launch day our #BBWInsider package came and I was able to try these other product forms and found they are great.

    So what else could I do....but buy more of the product forms in this line.
    My advice on this product is definitely go to a Bath and Body Works store near you and try it on for yourself.  Grab that mini preview or a travel sized trio and use it for a week and see what you think.  I would bet you will be back for the rest of the line.
    And don't stop there....the hand soaps that coordinate with this line and the candles in the home fragrance collection are the finishing touches to make this and every summer...Perfect!

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