Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Cute as can Bee | Endless Weekend Mailer

May 15, 2014
On a quick trip to the mall to do banking today I ended up in Bath and Body Works looking for that last pocketbac I didn't get.  I asked about it and sure enough it was still in the box on the backroom shelf.  I grabbed five and continued looking around to see if there was anything else on sale I wanted.
I felt a tapping on my shoulder and it was one of my sisters just done from visiting the puppies at the pet store next door so I took the time to show her around. She tried a few of the new fragrances, and the French Lavender and Honey was her favorite. On her, it smells exactly like a candy we ate as kids called Violets.
She really loved the blue colored turtle wallflower so I got her that and four new bulbs, a nail file, pocketbac holder and...used a survey.  I also added a new cute as can bee pb in her bag.
I added a few more to my pile and got a free Endless Weekend TMC with my coupon. This Apricot Blossom scent is sooo pretty.
When I got home, I found this coupon mailer in the mail box with a free signature travel item and 20% off.  Yay! Love coupons.

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