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#BBWInsider | Coastal Cool | Mini Candle Review

May 23, 2014

Welcome to the perfect summer, Fragrance Insiders!

We’re all for a 7-day weekend. Palm leaves, sunshine & sand castles. Trips down the Pacific Coast Highway. An endless summer with endless possibilities starts at Bath & Body Works with Perfect Summer fragrances! Celebrate West Coast cool Candles & Hand Soaps with our NEW made-in-the-shade scents like Sunset Beach, Ocean Driftwood & Turquoise Waters! #BBWInsider

I don't know about you, but bringing the Beach home has never been so easy!  And pretty!

Last week, we fragrance insiders were given the opportunity to get our next product for review....

Coastal Cool Mini Candles from Bath and Body Works.

Mine is set for delivery early next week, but because I already own these, (almost two dozen of them now) and have burned these...I want to share my experience with them so you can go to your store and grab some if you have not yet tried them.  I will of course then post the pictures of my insider box when it arrives.

If you walk past any Bath and Body Works store lately, you cannot miss the colorful display for their newest fragrance launch, Endless Weekend.

And along with it, they launched their Coastal Cool Home Collection candle line.  These candles are available in both the 3 wick and mini forms and you cannot help yourself but be drawn into the store to check out these frosted color glass no lid jar candles. 

 Beautiful shades reminiscent of the teal blue ocean waters and nighttime sky....with a touch of orange sunset as it slowly slips below the horizon and the warmth of beach sand. These are perfect summertime decorating colors.

When I first saw them some time ago when this line was testing my first thoughts were beach and sea glass.  They made me think summertime, with colors chosen from a day at the beach pallet.

Once in the store, you can experience the fragrance of each of these scents. There are six scents available in the mini candles in my stores.  These are their names and fragrance notes.

  • Beach Day -•A blissful beach-day blend of saltwater, lemon leaves and citrus musk

  • Turquoise Waters -•Be transported to the Pacific's turquoise waters with an ocean-fresh blend of bergamot, day lily & sea spray

  • Sunset Beach-•Easygoing summer evenings just got sweeter with pineapple, papaya & sugarcane fragrance
  • Eucalyptus Mint and Waves -•Catch a wave with this refreshing blend of water flowers, eucalyptus and surf

  • Coastal Sun -•Take in some California rays with this delicious blend of vibrant orange & zesty grapefruit

  • Ocean Driftwood -•The fragrance of beachside oak, mahogany & fresh air evokes an early morning walk along the coast


And I smelled each candle in both the large and the small version to see if they were going to be fragrances I would like.  And I was hooked.
These mini candles now adorn my dining room table in the rope lanterns that were also offered at the launch.  I wanted something theme relevant to burn them in, but you don't need any holder to enjoy these. I purchased extras for using outdoors as well.
I do love the mini candles for their touch of light and fragrance that is so different from that of the three wick.  It's more personal and delicate and that is amplified even more when shone throw the colored glass.
The minis suggest they have a burn time of between 10-15 hours and I find that close to what I get from them.  Depending on the scent, the fragrance is pleasant for the size and while you don't expect the same throw as you would get from a much larger candle, these candles do preform.
When the mini candles are burned down, I was still able to utilize the colored glass holder with battery tea lights for those places a burning candle cannot go. I love to reuse!
I am hoping that Bath and Body Works continues to offer colored frosted glass candles as we move forward into the fall and holiday season.  But keep in mind, these candle jar colors will even work perfectly then too! So stock up.
Imagine a warmer weather climate celebrating their holidays as they do with touches of the beach and these beautiful candles as part of the décor.
Like I said, I am so in love with these fragrance mini candles in these scents I just had to write my review of them so you can stop by your store and grab some now. They are currently in store and online  priced at $4.50 each or sale priced 3 for $10.00.
And please note.....While my products for review will arrive free of charge to me, as I have said reviews are my own honest opinion of this product and not influenced at all by Bath and Body Works.
I will add my #BBWInsider picture when my package arrives in a few days.
Happy Scenting!


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