Friday, May 16, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual {stock up} Sale Information

May 16, 2014

I can say with confidence that I haven't yet seen this information out yet and like most things Bath and Body Works are  subject to change.  And with this particular list, it needs to be typed out....rather than pictures posted.

So that being said let me share with you some of what I know as we prepare our lists of what we want to get a bit more than three weeks from now. But keep this also in mind...these things leaving may not be restocked.  So if you like something, don't expect it to still be around for SAS to get at 50% off.  It may sell out and you will miss out getting something you love. 

Definitely Going:
  • Be Enchanted
  • Carried Away
  • Coconut Lime Breeze
  • Forever Midnight for her
  • Hawaii collection
  • Sun, Sky , Air collection
  • World Garden collection
  • White Citrus for men
  • Paris for men
Home Fragrance:
  • home fragrance oils
  • oil warmers
  • fresh picked spring collection
  • garden party collection
  • white barn renew and refresh
  • white barn bergamot woods
  • white barn spring
  • provence collection
  • Hawaii collection
  • sweet shop collection
Soaps and Sanitizers:
  • cucumber melon
  • coconut lime verbena
  • apple mango
  • wild berry freesia
  • Hawaii collection
  • provence collection
  • fresh picked spring collection
Now there are thousands of items and I cannot sit and type it ALL out....and you can pretty much guess all of the beginning of the year stuff is heading out, with a touch of all that was leftover from the last SAS.  I will try to get more prices listed too.

ALL Old Bottle packaging Antibacterial Hand Soaps will be out and priced at $2.50
Here are a few:
  • sea island cotton
  • warm vanilla sugar
  • coconut lime verbena
  • kitchen lemon
  • sweet pea
  • Japanese cherry blossom
  • peach bellini
  • aqua blossom
  • white citrus
  • mango paradise
  • aloha orchid
  • island breeze
  • coconut cove
  • ocean sunset
  • berry sangria
  • eucalyptus mint
  • carribean escape
  • aqua blossom
  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Italian lavender
  • mandarin blossom
  • Sicilian lemon
  • beach flower
  • ocean pearl
Home Fragrance Room Sprays:
50% off
5.3oz cans
  • lemon verbena
  • French lavender
  • citron cedarwood
  • turquoise waters
  • sunset beach
  • watermelon lemonade
  • lilac blossom
  • honeysuckle
Mini and Large Ceramic pieces:
most are going at 50% off

  • ceramic pedestals
  • ceramic luminaries
  • ceramic cookie jar
  • there is one marked 75% off and I am not sure what it is yet....but I thought it may be from holiday
Other mini and Large Candle Accessories:
these are going 75% off
  • acorns nickel
  • owl on branch nickel
  • pumpkins silver
  • dark copper pumpkin
  • dark copper tree
  • galvanized pedestals 50% off
  • mason jar luminaries assorted  50% off
  • pineapple luminaries assorted 50%
  • pineapple luminary silver 75%
Everything from duckies to gift bags, and more....expect a lot and most are starting out 50% off

Soap Sleeves:
50% off
  • turtle
  • flower
  • bee
  • butterfly
50% off

TONS--if you like them and must have them...grab them, both holders and refills...otherwise grab them on sale

Now Signature items:

Here is what I know so far:

Body Lotions

  ❥Aloha Hawaii Trio
  • Hawaii $3.00
  • Maui $3.00
  • Oahu $3.00
  ❥French Lavender Body Lotion b3/g3 or b2/g1

  ❥World Gardens Trio
  • Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber 75% off
  • Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom 75%
  • London Tulips Raspberry Tea 75%
  ❥Endless Weekend b3/g2 or b2/g1

Body Mousse
  • carried away  50%
  • warm vanilla sugar  50%
  • velvet sugar  50%
  • mad about you   50%
  • pink chiffon   50%

  • Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber 75% off
  • Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom 75%
  • London Tulips Raspberry Tea 75%
Body Scrub (sugar scrub)
75% off
  • paris
  • sweet pea
  • twilight woods
  • Japanese cherry blossom

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