Monday, May 26, 2014

Michaels Craft Store | Summer Lantern

May 26,2014
While out shopping today I stopped by a Michaels Craft store to see if they had any of the lanterns I saw in the beginning of the season {photo of trio above} still in stock.  These lanterns sell out fast everywhere if your willing to pay the high prices they are charging.
They had only two of the teal colored lanterns left and because they are so expensive everywhere else I have been looking...I took those. That teal blue color is really pretty in person and blends perfectly with my beach theme items.
I can use them for summertime now and spray paint them cream color or even black for other uses if I want.
This small sized lantern {approx. 12.5-13" tall} was priced at $12.99 each. It has a latched door and three solid windows.
Today, they were 40% off and there is a special coupon out for an additional 25% off your entire merchandise included.
Making each of these now priced at $5.84.
I had heard early on in the year that for the Bath and Body Works World Gardens theme some test stores were testing out Moroccan looking lanterns to be used with the theme.  Of course they were very expensive and were not available anywhere else other than the test stores. Which worked out well for me because I really needed a more universal looking lantern for summer and even holiday displays.
In the picture above I did place a 3 wick Bath and Body Works candle inside to see if it would fit.  I would NOT burn that candle in there at all.  Display...yes....Burn..nope for fear the external paint would catch fire.
I then placed a pillar battery operated candle inside and it really looked pretty and that is what I will be using in them. 
I wanted to share this sale find should anyone else be looking for something beachy feeling to match the Bath and Body Works candle colors for their indoor or outdoor displays.  These metal lanterns
are well worth the under $6.00 sale price.

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