Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life Inside the Page | One Year Anniversary

May 18, 2014

One year ago today, many years of blogging on other sites came to a close when I finally started blogging on my own dot com page.

With the help from my brother and his incredible talent, we got Life Inside the Page up and running in three days.

They were three long days for him, me...and every day since...I learn something new.

Here is the place, I can write about those things in my life that make me smile....and cry.  I can share insider tips into the brands that I love...while I share all of the other things that make up the world around me.

I am wife, and mother...
crafter and blogger....
cook and bottle washer....
gardener and bird watcher...
product reviewer
and everything do-er.


I am truly blessed to have this place to call my own, and humbled by the scores of people who stop by daily to read me.

You....are all appreciated beyond words.

Thank you for making me feel welcome doing that which soothes my heart pieces.

Much Love....and Hugs... ❥


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