Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring-time smiles 4.30.13

This time of year, life gets busy.  With the days seeming to be longer, there is time to do that one more thing before your head hits the pillow.  And even then, I find I am still thinking about what is next to tackle.

I am not a big fan of the super hot temperatures of summer.  I am a spring-time and autumn gurl.  I love that sense of renewal of spring when everything seems to burst into bud all at once after winters deep sleep.  And falls gentle reminder that the beauty of everything green needs a time to rest. 

The weather here is definitely trying to work some magic.  Last week it was clear blue skies with sunshine right up until yesterday and todays rain showers.

What is it they say...April showers bring May flowers?

I hope so.  I have high hopes for my garden this year.  It's time to get my fingers dirty.

It is my oasis...my peace.  In a chaotic world, I can still sit on my back steps with a cup of tea and lose myself in all of the green that surrounds me while watching nature at her best.

So you will see my blog list is also growing a bit this spring:

  • bath and body works insiders
  • kringle candle company candle reviews
  • I dig gardening
  • candle sweetheart
  • here comes the bride
  • the sweet heart bride
  • all things hallmark
  • Disney vacation
  • a finch in the willow
  • sale shopper
  • life inside the page
Bath and Body Works Insiders is the place I post those little tidbits I find out about items here in my area as well as where I share thoughts of the tons of products I buy.  With over 175,857 views in 8 months I would say Bath and Body Works products are quite popular.

Kringle Candle Company reviews is a place that I write out what I think of this fantastic brand of candles I have been trying.

I Dig Gardening is where I will share my love of gardening and my love for the critters that visit me.

Candle Sweetheart is where I am sharing all things candle.

Here Comes the Bride  
                                          where I will share bride tips and tricks
The Sweetheart Bride 

All Things Hallmark  is where I will share my love of Hallmark (especially ornaments).

Disney Vacation  is where I am sharing Disney 5.10.13

A Finch in the Willow is where I wrote out my life daily since my daughters murder...the good, the bad and the ugly.  My place for dealing and healing.

Sale Shopper is where I post things I find on sale...as well as the information from the QVC insider.

And Life... Inside the Page is where I continue the Bath and Body works writings and everything else!  :)

I hope your spring-time  is taking you to those places that make you smile and I hope you pop into one of my blogs and see what is doing the same for me.