Thursday, September 12, 2013

Amber Blush early RELEASE and other fun updates

September 12, 2013

I am not sure if it is going to be every store but I just called a store I shop at and found out that tonight is a floor set and Amber Blush is definitely going to be put out.  I heard from a friend yesterday that tonight there was going to be an early release floor set so I called my local store and the manager there told me there was no word passed down to them so they don't know when it is coming out.

I called another store and it was confirmed so I will be checking that out tomorrow or Saturday. 

It is interesting that they are releasing the newly designed bottles with this scent before they release the rest of the scents in this new shape.  I am hoping they have new pumps to fit them as well as I am not sure if the old ones will work.

Here are a few new things spotted on the Bath and Body Works page.  Some aren't new, they have been in stores and online line for a bit....I just haven't had time to get them up to reference.

The wallflowers this season are really pretty, yet I found them a bit big and cumbersome.  The outlet at my kitchen counter where I normally plug these into seemed overwhelmed by them.
And a $125.00 ceramic pumpkin is a bit out of reach for a lot of people but I guess that's what makes this a VIP item.  With my luck I would get it home and then break it.  :)


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