Friday, September 13, 2013

Amber Blush store visit

September 13, 2013

My local Bath and Body Works store didn't have a double table in the front of the store welcoming in Amber Blush as the newest Signature fragrance but instead had a small table off to the left with products on it.

The three piece ritual was there, a few travel sized products, a gold lame cosmetic bag with a three piece ritual in it and some poofies.  A customer shopping with a friend unassisted by a sales associate grabbed a travel sized lotion and remarked how no way they were worth that five dollar price.  I looked around and saw no signage {actually the travels were tucked under the displays it took me two trips around the small table to find them} and I told her they were three for ten dollars currently.

I grabbed 3 of each item travel size wise and went to the register.  The assistant manager acknowledged me by name, remarked that it was a quick trip and as she rang me out I grabbed the new owl scent-portable that was on the shelf by the registers.

It wasn't a huge visit at this store....but it was an effective one.  I did try the lotion on my arms before buying it....I am skeptical now since the fresh picked instant rash with scarlet pumpkin so I am trying before buying.  Luckily, no issues with Amber Blush.

Or I should say with Forever Red as this scent smells exactly like that on me.  A sort of softer version.  And not that Forever Red is loud or harsh on me...My initial thought smelling Amber Blush was it was Forever Reds lighter version. And lovely for any time of year. 

My thoughts on the bottle design. Its cute.  It is different and every once in awhile you need to change things up.  Usually when that happens it comes at a price change but now we will all know how old your product is as the new design began September/October 2013.

And I am glad to see that shower gels are once more part of the travel collection.

So that was this trip to this off to another...and another step closer to my 50,000 iphone app goal....

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