Friday, September 27, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday Look-see part one

September 27, 2013

This is the first part of what seems to be a three part series of new Bath and Body Works HOLIDAY 2013.  We have all seen the new items coming out in test we know there is going to be a ton of these little sneak peeks are just that.  Bath and Body Works is going to filter a lot more out over the months....Here in a bit more orderly fashion is what we know so far.

Forever Midnight is coming in November.

Aromatherapy Holiday 2013

Eucalyptus Tea is coming back in Luxury bath and massage oils too

Limited Edition Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief

available forms for BODY:
  • golden sugared body scrub
  • body butter
  • lip shine
  • body wash and foam bath
  • luxury bath
  • body lotion
  • massage oil
  • body cream
available forms for HOME:
  • 3 wick candle
  • large room spray
  • luxe boxed wallflower starter set (avail Nov.)




  • silicone (penguin gem) heart shaped with key
  • décor penguin
  • holiday lights bow
  • winter flower
  • glitter ladybug

    • flannel
    • frosted cranberry
    Ceramic Snowman Pedestal candle Holder

    • Harvest gathering
    • winter fig
    • flannel
    • cranberry woods
    • fresh balsam
    • frosted cranberry
    • snowed in
    • white barn #2
    DECORATIVE BULBS: (snowflakes)

  • fresh balsam
  • frosted cranberry
  • flannel
  • cranberry woods

  • Wallflower Units
    • classic snowflake night light
    • dove grey flowertop
    • floral snowflake
    • gold sculpted owl
    • neutral wedgewood gate nightlight
    • pierced patina tree nightlight
    • red winter flower
    • silver maple leaf
    Snow Day Collection: FOR YOUR HOME

    available in:
    • 3 wicks
    • mini candles
    • mason jar candles
    • Room sprays
    • single bulbs

    • Winter--

    • Marshmallow Fireside--a sweet toasty end to a snowy fun filled day. toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods

    • Fresh Balsam--with the first big snowfall of the season comes the delightful scent of balsam and fir trees layered with notes of fresh eucalyptus

    • 'Tis the Season--Rich, red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider combine to capture all the joy and activities of the holidays."

    • Sparkling Icicles--"As sparkling as the ice at the local skating pond, this fragrance features a citrus bouquet, bergamot and a touch of holiday moss."

    • Spiced Wreath--The spirit of the holidays is in the air with the fragrance of a cinnamon bark wreath, featuring accents of creamy vanilla and rich, red apples

    • Snow Day- a bright and joyful blend of spruce branches,  peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow filled day.

    • Vanilla Snowflake--the delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and a touch of coconut evokes a dreamy, snowflake filled day.  

    Snow Day Collection: For your Holiday Hands
    Soap ( foaming )
    also pocketbacs

  • fresh balsam
  • 'tis the season
  • vanilla snowflake


    Winter Magic Collection: For your Holiday Hands
    Soap ( foaming and deep cleansing )
    also 2oz nourishing hand cream and pocketbacs
    • candy cane bliss
    • winter cranberry
    • sparkling snow
    • golden crisp pear
    • lemon meringue cheer
    • sugared vanilla wish

    Glitter Snowflake Soap Caddy 

    New White Barn Holiday Harvest Gathering:
    available in-
    • 3 wick candles
    also in select:
    • large room sprays
    • concentrated room sprays
    • mini candles
    • small candles
    • single wallflower bulbs

    1. Fireside--An inviting reminder of warm embers in the fireplace - sweetened with notes of leather, sandalwood and rich amber."
    2. Frosted Cranberry-- inspired by ripe red cranberries, dusted with fresh snow in a blend of juicy peach, raspberry and vanilla.
    3. Vanilla Cedarwood-- a creamy vanilla blend that captures the beauty of a dusting of woodland snow- features cedarwood and amber notes.
    4. White Barn no 2 Chestnuts and Clove
    5. Winter
    6. Harvest Gathering--
    7. Evergreen--
    8. Winter Fig--embrace the approaching winter with the fragrance of a fresh fig blended with black spruce and a hint of sugar.

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