Sunday, September 15, 2013

Your firsts....

September 15, 2013

The sun has set on another beautiful day here and I am suffering now to get over a migraine.  I would usually take one migraine tablet and in a few moments it would begin to lessen but since I am having a procedure Tuesday morning first no aspirin is allowed.  Of course, that's when you get a bad headache.  So I am sitting here with bengay on my forehead and neck....and a cold wash cloth on my neck to try to help.

I am not sure if it was brought on by spending so much time outside today, {ragweed is running rampant here} or if it is just the stress of what awaits me tomorrow.  All I know is I miss my Excedrin.

When you are young, you are told of all of these firsts you are going to have in your life....losing your first tooth.....Your first day of school, your first kiss....your first dance.....your first car...your first boyfriend.... you get the idea. 

As you get older you get to experience a lot of other not so fun firsts....{if your a girl} Your first period....your first ob-gyn visit.... having your first child....your first mammogram...again... you can relate.

Its not so tough to get past the embarrassment of some of these.  It's life. As a young woman walking into the doctors office for the first time so he can have a "looksee" it is very unnerving.  Your there in this tissue paper gown that covers nothing and wont seem to stay closed, sitting on a cold examining table checking out all of these gizmos that you have no idea where he thinks he is going to be sticking those.... and he just told you to 'scoot" down.  Um, and put my feet where?  Ya.  okay....
Somebody kill me now. 

But you get over it.  And year after year your now the don't even bother to close the paper gown and your feet are in the stirrups way ahead of his words.

Then have a child...naturally...with NO pain meds of any kind....{I was given two Tylenol after my three hours of labor} and shame has no hold on you ever again. You don't care who sees what....just get her outta there!!!!!

So you are confident moving through life....and days pass and suddenly your family doctor and your ob-gyn doctor are telling you....since your getting older... it is time that you have your FIRST colonoscopy done.

A colon who?  You want to look where again?  Um, no thanks...I am good...And you put it off.  That's an old persons test right? I am not old....

Then one day you look in the mirror and your reflection reminds you of your mother....and she's not here anymore....and you tell your self, "I will not have a shovel of dirt thrown on my head over embarrassment."

Bring on the damn paper gown.

The test itself I am told takes under twenty minutes and your knocked out to do it. It is the pre-game show that is going to be buckets of....haha fun.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of liquids and laxatives.  Oh joy. 

I cracked up going to Walmart the other day to get all of the things that are on the list necessary to "prepare".  Stacked one atop another in the childs seat of the cart it was the makings for a hot time I tell you. 

I snapped a pic and sent it to my brother captioned it is going to be a hot time here tonight.  I am keeping a sense of humor through this. 

Your thinking, who writes about a ~up your fanny annie test?  Me...of course.  Why not?  It is funny to see someone does talk about the test no one wants to talk about.  Not as funny when an old family friend came up to talk to hubby while I was using the restroom in walmart and upon seeing me and saying hello he immediately went to all of the items in the cart....looked at hubby....and asked..." you having a colonoscopy?  And with a chuckle...he answered no and then the attention was directed at me.
Yep. Embarassing  ..... Mickey gets them a lot so he reassured me that the prep is the hard part.. and that everything I had in the cart is good.

He then said the rest is a piece of cake.  Cake... will they serve cake afterwards... haha Drats, No cake tomorrow...nothing solid..I wonder, can you liquefy cake?  But then it wouldn't be a clear liquid. *looks at the clock*  I still have time now for a few Halloween Oreo cookies that were also in the cart.  And time for another ice pack...oye, this headache....

Raises a glass of milk toasting while I inhaling two's to my newest First!

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