Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bath and Body Works COUNTY FAIR event

September 21, 2013

There wasn't a whole lot of things going on in the Bath and Body Works store that I stopped in today.  A few people were milling around the tables trying to decide what to get as their purchase for the free 4oz candle Harvest Gathering, and the sales associates were assisting them. 

I was hoping to see more fall products {or Halloween} in the store...I thought this event would bring out more, but only a few owl candle holders were present.  That pewter looking 3 wick owl holder is nice, but not $15.00 nice.  I was also hoping for more of a SA involved event as years past but no one was really doing anything but walking around and talking.

One of the SA's came and handed me a coupon and told me if I purchased $50.00 worth during the event, I would not only get the free candle{ with a qualifying item} but also a mason jar candle free.

I was looking at the Amber Blush display and in not seeing the PERFUME SHEER MIST I asked for it.  The SA asked her manager and she told her she thought it was already out go in the back and get it.  In a few moments a box of the sheer mist was brought out and all of us around the table tried it.  The bottle is lovely with a gold metallic band of a plastic pair of leaves around the top....and reminded me of the bow on Forever Red. Perhaps the design is to make it appear more Luxe.  I sprayed it on in the store earlier today and it still smells lovely on.

For me it seemed like it was the in between sister to the Fine Fragrance Mist and the EDT.  Priced at $19.50, that's not a small amount to pay for a bottle of anything but I did do buy 2 get 1 free....and the other item I purchased was the golden shimmer body soufflé.  It was also priced at $19.50 so I was almost to my fifty dollar goal.  By the time I left all of the sheer perfume mists were gone.  The soufflé has a slight tint and pearl-essence appearance.

There was also a amber blush mini wristlet/mini travel set priced out at $16.50.  It was gold metallic and really cute.


I added a Mahogany Teakwood large can room spray for a gift for my brother...a fifty cent pocketbac holder and chose a Pumpkin Cupcake mason jar as my freebie.  She asked did I have a survey or any coupons and then took ten more dollars off making it $40.00 for two candles, two large sheer perfume mists, one soufflé and a pocketbac holder.  And that is great because a few things are for gifts....and some for me too.  ;)

Now in other news.  I am sure everyone saw all of the Fall Traditions in the store priced out at $5.00....including the tmc.  Pretty good pricing if its something you want to stock up on.

Me, I am waiting for the next few CHRISTMAS   Holiday Traditions Body Care are possibly coming for the October 6th floor set as I have mentioned previously.  The stores are already getting in the hand soaps and we may be seeing some stores getting ready earlier.  The really sweet SA was telling me they are needing at least three days to change everything as it is walls as well as tables.  The walls are getting all of the new bottle designs and she said the floor layout marketing pages for the candles are beautiful and it will be putting everyone in festive mood.  I cant wait!!!



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