Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Feature: Store Links tab for Bath and Body Works stores at your fingertips

September 17, 2013

I don't know about you but every time I would need an address to a Bath and Body Works store or a phone number...I would go to the online site....find store locator and then type in the city I am in looking for the stores closest to me...only to get maybe four or five listings shown.

I thought that in the state of Pa there were literally only a few B&BW stores.  I have since come to find there are 76.  How crazy is that?

When I spoke with customer service a few weeks ago about test stores and just finding stores in my area in general, they were somewhat helpful to the extent they could be but not as detailed as I needed.  So the rest was on me.  And with a lot of hard work by my brother setting up a directory for me and adding entries while I was under the weather, we are now ready to show the Bath and Body Works store directory feature recently added to my blog.

You may find you will never need this and that is fine....or you may want to plan a vacation and need to know where all of the stores are along the way.

As the next few days progress, we will get all of the states entered and then you will have a one stop directory to check out all of the stores around you that you may never have known about including test locations.  We are also adding the Google maps feature to it to allow you to add your zip code and see exactly how far each store is with printable directions.

This new feature is one of the many features I mentioned that will be for registered users only so if your visiting my blog and don't see it, you will need to log in.  I hope you find this option useful and thank you always for visiting my page!




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