Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sweater Weather Ready...

September 14, 2013

Saturday morning. 

Shut off the alarm and stay in bed later day. So I did.  When I finally did get up and going with my day I found that fall had arrived on my doorstep...along with the days paper.

It was in the 50's here all day and it definitely puts you into the "sweater weather" mood.

By mid afternoon, hubby was home from his 6 day work week and we were ready to go out for lunch.  Of course we would be stopping by a Bath and Body Works store and visiting with a few of our friends there.

The store there was busy and there were enough sales associates on the floor to handle the customers. I know they are going to be doing inventory tomorrow so the more people buy today...the less they need to count tomorrow. 

We talked about the new things coming...really, really exciting....(in my~i'm so excited
despicable me little girl voice) and I got to smell the new pumpkin soaps that were out now {the ones pictured on the mailer that didn't hit the floor with the rest} and with owning more that 150 bottles and these not being that fantastic smelling...I did pass on getting some.  I am saving my soap purchases now for holidays and fresh balsam. 

We spoke about the new lotion amber blush and how much richer it is.  I love it and I ended up buying two more travels in that and a shower gel.  I haven't purchased any in the full sized products yet, I will use that new bounceback to get those for free next month when all you know what breaks loose.

I was also told that yes, it is true and the signatures in fall are leaving the floor.  And yes all of the others will be leaving...travels as well when the new bottle design launches. They don't want old and new on the floor but they are still not saying for sure what will happen with the old.  The manager thinks they will be packaged up and will wait for a SAS.  Personally I do love the new bottle design and especially love the travels so I don't care what happens with the old.

I asked the manager if she saw any new pumps and she said the old pump will work and it took our talking about it for her to get an old one and try it...and as I was a smaller opening and it wouldn't tighten.  I am sure there will be new pumps to match.

So we talked fun stuff....and I made my way around the store looking at the wallflowers that were on sale for four hours today priced at $3.00 each.  She said at 10am the fall wallflowers, especially Pumpkin pecan waffles was were all of the candles in that scent.

Certainly not needing any...after counting my collection and having well over a hundred getting those few new winter fresh picked from the test store that should be here Monday or Tuesday...I didn't need any....but how can you resist getting another sweater weather....when it is actually sweater weather.

Sitting at the registers at this store are more of the apple and strawberry lip balms....and there was no signage.  I mentioned that they are on sale...which she didn't know and when she checked...they were.  So I grabbed three more.  I just opened the strawberry scented one now and I have to say I am not that impressed.  Its not that its bad or anything....I think I am just a girly girl who likes her lip glosses and lip balms in tubes.  For me, there is something so ladylike  about a tube of a product rather than this unusual round applicator.  It may be that these are directed at those a bit younger---and again...not that I am old either but its not really something I would love. 

It smelled strawberry like of course..but I felt after wearing it a short time, it didn't last long and made my lips feel dry.   And priced at $8.00 each....with a b2/g1 free....$16.00 for three is eh.....okay.  But not a rebuy for me.  But you should try it and see if you love it...don't go by what I think.

I will gift the others sealed and set this one opened berry on my desk to use it up.

As we left Bath and Body Works and headed into the mall I saw a very familiar and fun sight....Christmas Trees and holiday ornamentation in a department store.

I know, I know...everyone complains when it is August and September and the stores are bedecking the hall with boughs and holly but....stores don't operate on a regular calendar and it is time for them to make their money.  As I made my way to center court....the staff at the mall were staging the boughs of garlands that hang up from the ceiling....fluffing them up and checking the bulbs.... and putting them on these rolling carts....ready to hang.  With the cold air blowing through my light jacket today....and the sights and smells of all things fall in the mall....I was ready...

Sweater Weather ready that is....



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