Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween gift basket idea

September 5, 2013

I posted this picture on Sistas page September 20, 2011, a gift for my niece......  And tonight someone "liked" the picture and brought it back up to my attention.

I thought it was cute enough to share again on my blog.

A basket for Halloween for my 19yr old niece. I buy things on clearance and save for whenever.

  • Purple shred-easter clearance 10cents big bag
  • orange foil box wrap-xmas paper
  •  handsoap 2/5
  • candle minis 3/5
  • lip gloss 2.69
  • orange candy bowl-gertrude hawk clearance 1.00
  •  last years pumpkin wallflower free w/coupon
  •  2 refills 2/5
  •  haunted house holder 12cents
  • free pocket bac
  • free w/coupon vickey secrets undies zebra print.

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