Friday, September 20, 2013

Bath and Body Works Winter Fresh Picked candles 2013

Winter Market Fresh Picked 2013 Candles

  • brown sugared apples--an irresistible recipe of fragrant sweet baked apples drizzled with brown sugared crystals and the perfect touch of spice.

  • sugared lemons--sweet on citrus, zesty lemons blended with sweet sugar crystals and a hint of red raspberry add a citrus sparkle to winter nights.

  • sweet clementine--bright side of winter, clementines give this cheery blend of juicy apricot and sugarcane  a luscious touch of citrus that brightes up a chilly day.

  • sparkling berries & pears--step 1-combines winters best berries and juicy pear nectar. step 2, add dashes of tangy black currant and a touch of effervescence. step 3, enjoy.

  • cinnamon tea--holiday tip, blend cinnamon bark, perfectly spiced apple and fragrant cranberry tea leaves for a winter celebration.

  • winter café--
  • market herbs--
  • mulled cider--


photos shared on Kevin S. facebook page, photo credit to Emily C. and Brian M.

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